1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009- The Breezeblock - это экспериментальное радио-шоу Mary Anne Hobbs на BBC Radio 1 (UK). Транслируется с 1997 года.
С середины 2006 года оно так и называется Mary Anne Hobbs radio 1's experimental show.-2007 год
Общее время звучания: 99:43:51

2007-01-05 - Benga & Skream - Interview & Mix

Oris Jay – ‘Said The Kane’ (dubplate)
Tinchy Stryder – ‘Not Like Me’ (Takeover Entertainment)
Anders Ilar – ‘Pink Red Orange Black’ from ‘Wax Sessions III’ album (Sonar)
Jean Paul Bondy ft Blood Of Abraham – ‘Something Is Not Right’ Robag Wruhmes Fukkeldibobb remake (Compost)
Arsenic – ‘Heroin’ (Dubplate)
The Dubplate
Surgeon – ‘Who’s Bad Hands Are These’ DisinVectant Dislocated Finger Refix (dubplate)
Chevron – ‘Soul Cellar’ (Planet Mu)
Digital Mystikz – ‘Bury Da Bwoy’ (DMZ)
Benga and Skream: Interview and Mix
Skream - 'Nemesis' (Dub)
Skream - 'Losin Control' (Dub)
Mark Ashken - 'Roots Dyed Dark' (Skream Mix) (White)
Benga - 'Crunked Up' (Tempa)
Benga Vs Coki - 'WW7' (Dub)
Skream - 'Chestboxing' (Tempa)
Benga - 'Skunktip' (Skream mix) (Tempa)
Benga - 'The Germ' (White)
Benga - 'Electric' (White)
Skream - 'Lemon' (White)
Mala - 'Lean Forward' (DMZ)
Benga - 'Musik Box' (White)
Loefah - 'Natural Charge' (White)
Skream - 'Make Me' (Tempa)
Skream - 'Assumptions Rmx' (Bingo)
Benga - 'Flamez' (Big Apple)
Magnetikman - 'Everything Cool' (Dub)
Hijak - 'Babylon Timewarp' (Deepmedi)
Coki - 'Seek Knowledge' (Dub)
Skream - 'Acid' (Dub)
Hijak - 'Tears' (Dub)
Plastician – ‘Badbwoy’ from ‘Beg To Differ’ album (Terrorhythm)
Tech N9ne – ‘Welcome To The Midwest’ from ‘Everready’ album (Strange Music)
Ill Skillz and Concorde Dawn – ‘Watch Me Now’ Dom and Roland remix (Ill Skillz)
The Download
Mothboy ft MC Dermo – ‘Dons Players Pimps’ (Acroplane)
Teleseen – ‘Burdens’ from ‘War’ album (Percetps)
Barry Lynn – ‘Glyphic’ (dubplate)

2007-01-12 - Omar S - Mix

Gazormass – ‘Todial Chamber Tu’ from ‘F*** France Germany’ album (WWilko)
Autechre Vs Surgeon – ‘Whose Bad Hands Are These’ (Autechre remix) (Dubplate)
Blizzard, Hurrakane & Killer Qas – ‘Known 2 Be’ (Dubplate)
Synthamesk – ‘Raw’ (Net Lab)
Ben Sharpa – ‘Hegemogy’ (Pioneer Unit dub)
The Dubplate
Sgure – ‘OIXXO Old Spoonyak’ (Dubplate)
Rhythm Beater – ‘Babylon’ (Cutter Choice dub)
Loefah – ‘Disko Rekah’ (Deep Medi Musik)
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls – ‘Rude Mechanicals’ from ‘Halfway Into The Woods’ album (Highpoint Lowlife)
Florian Meindl – ‘Chase The Robot’ (Traumschalplatten)
Omar S mix
Amon Tobin – ‘Ester S’ (Ninja Tunes)
The Download
Cappablack – ‘Components and Variables’ from ‘Facades and Skeletons’ album (Scape)
El Producto – ‘Everything Must Go’ (Def Jux)
Rufige Kru – ‘Malice In Wonderland’ (Metalheadz)
The Crooked Man – ‘Crooked Acid’ (Stark Sound)
TTC – ‘Quand Je Claque des Doigts’ from ‘3615’ album (Big Dada)
Gareth Clark - ‘Butterworth Lane Write-Offs’ from Gareth Clarke EP (Sublight)
Pinch – ‘Uranium’ (Tectonic)

2007-01-19 - Beatless Special: Ryuichi Sakamoto - Mix (VBR 206 kbps)

Kode 9 & The Spaceape – ‘Nine’ (Hyperdub)
Adrian Moore – ‘Superstrings’ (unknown)
Radicalfashion – ‘Photo Dynasmo’ from the LP ‘Odori’ (Hefty)
Plan B – ‘Skk 2 Def’ from the LP ‘Who Needs Action When You Got Words’ (679)
Rhythm & Sound – ‘Distance’ (Rhythm & Sound)
Chris Morris – ‘Acupuncture’ from ‘Blue Jam’ (Warp)
Celar Curve – ‘Kelphar Mask’ (Froxen Plural)’ (Skam)
Mileece – ‘Tau’ (Planet Mu)
Jamie Woon – ‘Wayfairing Stranger’ (Live Recordings)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Beautiful Death’ (Modern Love Dubplate)
DJ Koze aka Adolf Noise – ‘M.I.S.S. UFO ‘72’ (unknown)
Ryuichi Sakamoto ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’ (Virgin)
Ryuichi Sakamoto mix
Tilman Ehrhorn – ‘Clear’ from the LP ‘Clicks & Cuts 4’ (Mille Plateaux Media)
Ryoji Ikeda - ‘Data.Duplex’ from the LP ‘Dataplex’ (Raster-Noton)
Pan Sonic – ‘Kone’ from the LP ‘Aaltopiiri’ (Blast First)
AOKI Takamasa – ‘The Elegant Universe’ from the LP ‘Simply Funk’ (Progressive Form)
Aka Pygmies ‘Yangissa’ from the LP ‘African Rhythms’ (unknown)
Opiate – ‘Amstel’ from the LP ‘Sometimes’ (Morr Music)
Volupsa – ‘Sequentia’ from the LP ‘The Rheingold Curse’ (Marc Aurel Edition)
Nam June Paik – ‘One for Violin Solo’ from the LP ‘Experimentelles Musiktheatre : Fluxus-Happening-Performance’ (RCA Red Seal)
SND – ‘Circa 1666’ from the LP ‘Clicks & Cuts’ (Mille Plateaux Media)
Aphex Twin – ‘Father’ from the LP ‘Drukqs’ (Sire Records)
Cornelius – ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ from the LP ‘Sensuous’ (Warner Japan)
Datach’I – ‘Twin.Gan’ (Sublight)
Xela – ‘Bobble Hats’ (Type)
Nachtsmeer – ‘Tubular Strawberries’ (unknown)
Madvillan - ‘Great Day’ (Fourtet remix)
Christ - ‘Balaam’ from the LP ‘Blue Shift Emissions’ (Benbecula)
GéNIA – ‘Suite For Piano and Electronics by John Richards (Vex’d remix)’ (Nonclassical)
Ben Frost – ‘Theory of Machines’ from the EP ‘Theory of Machines’ (Bedroom Community)
Andy Stott – ‘See In Me’ (Modern Love)

2007-01-26 - Onur Ozer - Mix (VBR 152 kbps)

Durrty Goodz – ‘Switching Songs’ (Duplate)
Marc Ashken – ‘Roots Died Dark’ (Skream remix) (Leftroom)
Mark Swift – ‘Bloody Champion’ from the LP ‘Ave Mavis’ (Sublight)
Unknown– ‘Unknown’ (Dubplate)
Konfab – ‘Swart Gevaar’ (Pioneer Unit)
The Dubplate
Ceephax Acid – ‘Acid Whorl’ (Dubplate)
Rufige Kru – ‘Vanilla’ (Metalheadz)
Blamstrain – Frame Math’ from the LP ‘Disfold’ (Sending Orbs)
Mathhead – ‘Stagger Dub’ (Pitch Black)
Elephant Man – ‘Bring It, Bring It’ (Run Things Records)
Davide Squillace – ‘Make Me What?’ (Minisketch)
Onur Ozer - 'Twilight' (Vakant)
Onur Ozer mix
Onur Özer – ‘Red Cabaret Solo’ (Vakant)
Pink Floyd – ‘On The Run’ (Harvest)
Angelo Badalamenti – ‘Mulholland Drive’ (Milan Records)
Winx – ‘Minimal Thoughts’ (Nervous Records)
Cornel Campbell – ‘King In My Empire’ (Rhythm & Sound)
Akira Rabelais – ‘Gymnopedie No.1’ (Ritornell)
Dante & Dhula – ‘Why Do The Wicked Ones Rule’ (IIWII)
Shackleton – ‘Blood On My Hands’ (Skull Disco)
Silent Witness – ‘Eternal Cycle’ (DNAudio)
AOKI Takamasa – ‘Mirabeau’ from the LP ‘Parabolica’ (Opdisc)
The Download
Sgure ‘fFfFfF’ (Tecno mix) (Fathme)
Dilla – ‘Make ‘em NV’ from the LP ‘Ruff Draft’ (Stones Throw)
Clark – ‘Ted’ from the ‘Ted’ EP (Warp)
u-Ziq – ‘Pon Pons’ (Dubplate)
Bola – ‘Forcasa 2.2’ from the LP ‘Shapes’ (Skam)

2007-02-02 - Amon Tobin - Mix (VBR 155 kbps)

Abon Tobin – ‘Esters’ (Ninja Tunes)
DJ Hidden – ‘Scry’ from the LP ‘The Later After’ (Ad Noiseum)
Klashnekoff ft 45 – ‘Two Guns Blazin’’ (Riddim Killa)
Milanese – ‘So Maleable’ (Cold mix) from the LP ‘Adapt’ EP (Planet Mu)
Ben Sharpa – ‘Out Of The Black’ (Pioneer Unit Dubplate)
The Dubplate
Darqwan – ‘Ghost Not Memory’ (Duplate)
Matty G Vs. Bob Marley – ‘War’ (Remix) (Duplate)
Anders llar – ‘Extended Visit’ (Merck)
Mark Ashken – ‘Roots Died Dark’ (Skream mix) (Leftroom)
Amon Tobin mix
Amon Tobin – ‘Always’ (Ninja Tunes)
Amon Tobin – ‘Taxidermia’ (End Credit remix)
Amon Tobin & Doubleclick’ – ‘Two Fingers’ (White Label)
Spank Rock – ‘Bump’ (Switch remix) (Big Dadda)
Amon Tobin – ‘Chatty Rhythm’ (Ninja Tunes)
Amon Tobin – ‘Esthers' (Ninja Tunes)
Amon Tobin & Doubleclick – ‘Two Fingers’ (White label)
Amon Tobin – ‘Kitchen Sink’ (Ninja Tunes)
Amon Tobin – ‘Keep Your Distance’ (Ninja Tunes)
Amon Tobin & Doubleclick - 'Two Fingers' (White label)
Spank Rock – ‘What It Look Like’ (Acapella)
Amon Tobin & Doubleclick - 'Two Fingers’ (White label)
Amon Tobin – ‘The Killer's Vanilla’ (Ninja Tunes)
Busdriver – ‘Kill Your Employer’ (Epitaph)
Move D – ‘Ac1d’ (White label)
The Download
Gonzales – ‘Take Me To Broadway’ (Kitty Yo)
Mike Shannon – ‘Devotional’ from the ‘Tactile’ series (CYN)
Loudmouth – ‘2000 Shock’ (Aftershock)
Zinc Vs Dynamite MC – ‘Creeper’ (Remix) (Bingo Duplate)
Durrty Goodz – ‘Switching Songs’ (Dubplate)
El-B – ‘Among The Stars’ (Qualifide)
El Fog – ‘Silent Roaring’ from the LP ‘Reverberate Slowly’ (Moteer)

2007-02-09 - Ghislain Poirier - Mix (VBR 154 kbps)

Konfab – ‘How We Roll’ (Pioneer Unit Dubplate)
Robert Logan – ‘Lost Highway’ from the LP ‘Cognessence’ (Slowfoot)
000 – ‘Railroad’ from the ‘Melted Mailbox’ 12” (White Label)
Virus Syndicate – ‘Neva Argue’ (Food 4Da Brain)
Geeneus – ‘Old Skool 2’ (Dubplate)
The Dubplate
Neil Landstrumm ft Vybes Cartel – ‘The Underground King’ (Dubplate)
Middle Finga – ‘Sal’emuva’ (Pioneer Unit)
Pendle Covern – ‘Wave Plate’ (Modern Love)
Taxman – ‘Too Bad VIP’ (Frontline)
From Karaoke To Stardom – ‘Konkrete Konquest' from the EP 'Loopism Opossum’ (Apnea)
Ghislain Poirier mix
Smockey – Intro (Promo) (Burkina Faso)
X Plastaz – Hiyo (prod. DJ 360) (Promo) (Tanzania)
Dakar All-Stars – ‘Cafka Mbed pt.2’ (Stern’s Music) (Senegal)
Positive Black Soul – ‘Xoyma’ (Wolof Version) (Promo) (Senegal)
Awadi – ‘Sunu Société’ (Ghislain Poirier Edit) (Promo) (Senegal)
Teba – ‘FCK’ (Raw mix) (African Dope Record) (South Africa)
Purple Simba & Shyam (UK) ft. Ben Sharpa & Terror MC – ‘Eyes to the Sky’ (Pioneer Unit) (South Africa)
Friendly People – ‘Minibus’ (Apnea)
Terra Danjah & Whily - ‘Zumpihunta’ (Aftershock Dubplate)
Mago Bo ft Big & K Libre – ‘unknown’ (Soot)
The Download
Ricky Graham – ‘Decadence’ (Hippo Camp)
Strand & Tress ft Soarse Spoken- ‘The Great Arcitect’ from the ‘Compact & Disperse’ EP (Pulpa)
Rob Smith – ‘Loveage’ from ‘Tayo Fabric Live.32’ LP (Rob Smith/Fabric)
Mathead – ‘Staggerdub’ (Pitch Black)
Rec Overflow – ‘Beetch’ from the ‘Beetch’ EP (Pulpa)
Makossa & Megablast ft Cleydys Villalon – ‘Porque’ (G-Stone)
Secret Mommy – ‘Grand About The Mouth’ from the ‘Plays’ LP (Ache Records)

2007-02-16 - Avant-garde Metal Special: Vex'd vs. Distance - Mix, Sgure - Live Session

Drumcorps – ‘Terrible Things’ (Ad Noiseum)
Gazormass – ‘Todial Chamber Tu’ from the LP ‘F*** France Germany’ (WWilko)
Ben Frost – ‘Theory Of Machines’ from the LP ‘Theory Of Machines’ (Bedroom Community)
Si Begg ft Epcot – ‘Hard Like Funk’ from ‘Jetlag & Tinnitus part 2’ (Noodles Recordings)
Fireworkz – ‘Hold It Down’ (Dubplate)
The Dubplate
TRG – ‘Back Like That’ (Hessle Audio)
Archetypes – ‘Kakalaki’ (Pioneer Unit)
Benga & Walsh – ‘Bingo’ (Hotflush)
Forbidden Society - 'Demons' (DJ Hidden mix) (White)
Terror Danjah & Whily – ‘Zumpi Hunta’ (Aftershock Dubplate)
Eustachian – ‘Battle Grinds’ (Fathme)
Vex’D Vs Distance mix
Sunn 0))) – ‘Sin Nanna’ (Test)
John Richards ft Genia- ‘Suite No 2 for Piano & Electronics’ (Vex'd Remix) (Planet Mu test)
Khanate – ‘Release’ (Hydra Head)
Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Phone Home’ (Relapse)
Vex'd – ‘Killing Floor’ (Planet Mu)
Distance – ‘Taipan’ (Boka)
Distance – ‘Ska’ (Planet Mu)
Isis – ‘From: Sinking, To: Drowing’ (Destructo Swarmbots) (Robotic Empire)
Distance – ‘Traffic’ (Planet Mu)
Vex'd – ‘Nails’ (Planet Mu)
Napalm Death – ‘Our Pain Is Their Power’ (Century Media)
Celtic Frost – ‘Human’ (Noise)
Godflesh – ‘Vein’ (White)
Sunn 0))) – ‘Cry For The Weeper’ (White)
Techno Animal ft Sonic Sum – ‘DC-10’ (Matador)
Isis – ‘Carry’ (Robotic Empire)
Cult Of Luna – ‘Arrival’ (Earache)
Durrty Goodz – ‘Fire Smasher’ (Dubplate)
Darqwan – ‘Ghost Not Memory’ (Planet Mu Dubplate)
The Download
Flying Lotus – ‘Pet Monster Shotglass’ (White)
Sgure Session
Ex Zarghamudha
King Of The Patriot
Total G
Mary Anne Hobbs Interlude
Fellation de Cauchemard (John Roche)
Broken Teeth (Tony Welter)
Intex Systems – ‘Titan’ (Scuba mix) (Dubplate)
Junior Murvin – ‘Police & Thieves’ (bbe)
Gutevolk – ‘I Like Rainbow’ from the LP ‘Singing Over The Rainbow’ (Noble)
Infinite Scale – 'My Aquatic Life' [Performed Live At The Ritzy] (White)

2007-02-23 - Ben Frost - Mix (VBR 184 kbps)

Toasty Boy – ‘Knowledge’ (Hotflush)
Dev/Null – ‘Hip Hop 2’ from the LP ‘Lazer Thrash’ (Cock Rock Disco)
Blamstrain – ‘Afdha’ (Dubplate)
Zero Db ft PhaseRock – ‘You Know What I’m Sayin’ (K.I.T remix) (White Label)
The Dubplate
Mala – ‘Changes’ (Deep Medi)
Tinchy Stryder – ‘Not Like Me’ (Takeover Entertainment)
Klute & Calibre – ‘Freedom Come’ (Commercial Suicide)
Plan B ft Radiohead – ‘Missing Links’ from the bootleg LP ‘Paint It Black’ (Pet Cemetery)
Surgeon Vs Autchere – ‘Whose Bad Hands Are These?’ (Dubplate)
Amon Tobin – ‘Foley Room’ (Ninja Tunes)
Ben Sharpa – ‘Into The Black Mary Anne Hobbs VIP’ (Pioneer Unit Dubplate)
Moving Ninja – ‘Uranium’ (Tectonic)
Ben Frost mix
Ben Frost - 'Stomp' from the LP ‘Theory of Machines’ (Bedroom Community)
Ben Frost - 'We Love You Michael Gira' from the LP ‘Theory of Machines’ (Bedroom Community)
Nico Muhly - 'Honest Music' from the LP ‘Speaks Volumes’ (Bedroom Community)
Valgeir Sigurðsson - 'Plum' from the forthcoming LP ‘Ekvílibríum, Bedroom’ (Community Label)
Ben Frost - 'Forgetting You Is Like Breathing Water' from the LP Theory of Machines’ (Bedroom Community)
The Download
Monoblock – ‘Hermano’ (Freak n’ Chic)
Lukid – ‘Wake Up’ from the LP ‘Onandon’ (Werk)
El-P – ‘EMG’ (Definitive Jux)
Venetian Snares – ‘Pink & Green’ (Sublight)
Dalek – ‘Content To Play Villain’ from the LP ‘Abandoned Language’ (Ipecac)

2007-03-02 - DJ Flight - Mix Goldie - Interview & Records

Goldie – ‘Inner City Life’ (Metalheadz)
Ceephax Acid – ‘Acid Whorl’ (Duplate)
Johnny L – ‘End Tonight’ (Mr L)
Scream ft Vicious & Dangerous – ‘Splur’ (Halo Beats)
Appleblim – ‘Vansen’ (Skull Disco)
Konfab – ‘Svart Gevaar’ (Pioneer Unit)
Justice & DJ Pulse ft Danoyd – ‘Sounds Like Science’ (White)
DJ Flight in the mix
Breakage – ‘Lightweight’ (Bassment Dub)
Jubei – ‘Unforgiven’ (Dubplate)
Rufige Kru – ‘Pest Control’ (Metalheadz Dub)
NJC – ‘Tingwoy’ (Dubplate)
Unknown – ‘Untitled’ (White)
Chris In Perspective – ‘Spud Muncher’ (Dubplate)
Survival – ‘Resolution’ (DNAudio)
Leon Switch Kryptic – ‘Minor 9’ (Defcom)
Rufige Kru – ‘Scar’ (Metalheadz Dub)
Johnny L – ‘Basics’ (Dub)
Sola Perplexus – ‘Levitate’ (White)
ADJ – ‘Nuva Beat’ (Touchin’ Bass)
GBullet – ‘Break’ (Dubplate)
Synthamesk – ‘Raw’ (Netlab)
The Download
Presence – ‘Secret Headquarters’ (White)
Martyn – ‘Shadow Casting’ (Solar Dub)
Dom, Rob & Goldie - 'Distorted Dreams' (Desired State remix) (Moving Shadow)
Junior Marvin - 'Police and Thieves' (Island)
Goldie - 'Jah The Seventh Seal' (FFRR)
Can - 'Fall Of Another' (Spoon)
Goldie & Rob - 'The Shadow' (DanceNet)
Police - 'Walking On The Moon' (A & M)
Rufige Kru - 'Malice In Wonderland' (Metalheadz)

2007-03-09 - Klute - Mix (VBR 174 kbps)

Trentemoller ft Ane Tolle – ‘Moan’ (Trentemoller remix) (Poker Flat)
Mala – ‘Changes’ (Deep Medi)
Double Helix – ‘Conplacency’ (White)
Not Breathing – ‘Smell Of Europa’ (Sublight)
The Dubplate
Shackleton – ‘Blood On My Hands’ (Villalobos remix) (Dubplate)
Uffie – ‘Dismissed’ (Ed Banger)
Jeremy P Caulfield – ‘Licorice Pipe’ (Dumb Unit)
Protocol X – ‘Hypnosis’ (Storming Productions)
Runzelstrin & Gurgelstock – ‘Meatpump 666’ (RecordLabelRecords)
Objekt4 – ‘Foreverneverendneverend’ (Ravenheart)
Klute mix
Klute – ‘TSA’ (Commercial Suicide)
John Tejada & Arian Leviste – ‘Multiplier’ (Palette)
Konrad Black – ‘Broken Down Mustang’ (240 Voltz)
Klute – ‘Only Memory Is A Good One’ (Commercial Suicide)
Edgar Froese – ‘Aqua’ (Virgin)
Klute – ‘174 bpm’ (Commercial Suicide)
Break – ‘Evil Twin’ (Symmetry)
Klute – ‘We Control the Vertical’ (Commercial Suicide)
Concord Dawn & Chris SU – ‘Scream To The Stars’ (Commercial Suicide)
Dominus & Klutus – ‘Maximus’ (DRP)
Onur Ozer – ‘Orion’ (Vakant)
The Download
Funkstorung – 1st Stroke’ (Funkstorung remix) (White)
Escapee Planes – ‘Existence Twistence’ (Dubplate)
CocoRosie – ‘Rainbowarriors’ (Touch & Go)
Clark – ‘Ted’ (Warp)

2007-03-16 - Shadetek - Mix (VBR 168 kbps)

Milanese – ‘Iacon’ (Warp)
Manipulate aka Jimmy Hatetank & Lorn– ‘Jamais Vu’ (Dubplate)
Nate Mars Vs Nika D – ‘The Heat Is On’ (Dubplate)
Battles – ‘Atlas’ (Warp)
The Dubplate
Skream – ‘Chestboxing’ (Tempa Dubplate)
Missing Links – ‘Bur’ (Wagon Repair)
Roll Deep – ‘Badman’ from the LP ‘Rules & Regulations’ (Roll Deep)
Aaron Spectre – ‘Say More Fire’ (Dubplate)
Bovill – ‘Rate Of Change’ from the ‘Differential’ EP (Meanwhile)
L.Mann, Ruff Squad, Tinchy Stryder, Wretch 32, Bashy, L.Man – ‘Xtra’ (Dubplate)
Reso – ‘Curse Dub’ (Pressing Issues)
Shadetek mix
Tanya Stephens – ‘Can't Breathe’ (Matt Shadetek Remix) (Unreleased, Exclusive)
Matt Shadetek – ‘Untitled’ (Unreleased, Exclusive)
Chronik ft Skepta, Wiley & Esco – ‘Bumbaclat Badman’ (White)
Matt Shadetek – ‘Skynet Riddim’ (Sound-Ink)
DJ Unk ft. Andre 3000 & Jim Jones – ‘Walk It Out Remix’ (Koch Records)
Jon E Cash – ‘Do It’ (Black Ops)
Timeblind – ‘Go Home’ (Unreleased, Exclusive)
Drop The Lime – ‘Gigantic Wings’ (Unreleased, Exclusive)
The Pack – ‘Vans’ (Jive)
Matt Shadetek - ‘Reign Riddim’ (Sound-Ink)
Team Shadetek ft. Skepta – ‘Reign’ (Sound-Ink)
Matt Shadetek ft. Jahdan - ‘Gave You All My Dub’ (Unreleased)
Team Shadetek ft. Jammer – ‘Separating’ (White)
Matt Shadetek – ‘Cassava Riddim’ (Unreleased, Exclusive)
Noble Society ft. 77Klash - ‘She Told Me’ (Unreleased)
Timeblind – ‘Untitled’ (Unreleased, Exclusive)
Plastician - ‘Japan’ (Terrorhythm)
Drop The Lime - ‘Try Harder’ (Broklyn Beats)
Team Shadetek – ‘Daylight’ (Sound-Ink)
Nobuyuki Tada – ’11-11’ from the compilation ENC Alternative Tracks Vol. 1 (ENC)
Plan B – ‘Missing Link’ (Pet Cemetery)
DJ Wonder – ‘Swamp Meet’ (Dubplate)
Nathan – ‘Love Last Forever’ (Dubplate)
Blake – ‘Outlaw’ (Dubplate)
Burning Star Core – ‘Unknown’ from the LP ‘Amelia’ (Neu)

2007-03-23 - Andrea Parker - Mix (VBR 170 kbps)

DJ Kentaro ft Spank Rock – ‘Space Jungle’ from the LP ‘Enter’ (Ninja Tune)
Jeff Samuel – ‘Lost’ (Trapez)
Vital Elements – ‘Rudeboy’ (Zombie)
The Tape Vs RQM – ‘Gunplay’ from the LP ‘Public Transport’ (Kitty Yo)
The Dubplate
Cursor Minor - ‘Grime Watch’ (Combat)
Mundo – ‘Still Stand Rasta’ (Dub Assembly)
Sebastian – ‘Greel’ (Ed Banger)
Alex Smoke – ‘Hanged Man’ (Vakant)
Broke ‘n’ English – ‘Take It Low’ from the LP ‘Subject 2 Status’ (Fat City)
Andrea Parker mix
Autechre – ‘(Tri Repetae) Eutow’ (Warp)
Sonar Base – ‘Sonar Base’ (Scsi White)
Andrea Parker - ‘Freaky Bitches’ (Touchin' Bass)
Phoenecia – ‘Get Fresh’ (Schematic)
Justin Maxwell – ‘Pillow Filter’ (Pretension)
Andrea Parker – ‘Ball Breaker’ (Mo Wax)
Ed Devane - ‘Ramsek’ (Touchin' Bass)
Dez Williams – ‘Invisible Signals’ (Scsi white)
Clatterbox – ‘Digital Dominos’ (Touchin' Bass)
Shakleton – ‘You Bring Me Down’ (Skull Disco)
The Download
Boredoms – ‘Jungle Taitei’ (Vice)
Dominik Eulberg – ‘Harzer Roller’ from the LP 'Heimische Gefilde' (Traum Schallplatten)
Prod – ‘Bonus Track’ (White)
Midnight Operator – 'Midnight Operator’ (Wagon Repair)
Amon Tobin – ‘Kitchen Sink’ (Ninja Tune)
Lusine – ‘Drip’ (Apparat remix) (Ghostly)
The Jive Inspector – ‘Untitled’ (Alternative Blueprint)

2007-03-30 - Bloc Weekender Special: Virus Syndicate, Aux 88, Rhythm & Sound - Live at Bloc Weekender (VBR 174 kbps)

Oris Jay – ‘Biggin Up The Massive’ (white)
Surgeon vs Monolake – ‘Bad Hands’ (Monolake remix) from ‘Whose Bad Hands Are These? Part II’ 12” (Dynamic Tension)
El-P – ‘Smithereens’ (Def Jux)
Interview @ Bloc Festival: Ceephax Acid Crew
Ceephax Acid Crew – ‘Acid Whorl’ (white)
The Dubplate
Toasty Boy – ‘On Something’ (dubplate)
Mr Oizo – ‘Nazis (Justice mix) vs Dominatrix – ‘The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight’ from ‘Fabric Live: Spank Rock’ album (Fabric)
Bar-barix – ‘Incisions Part 1’ (demo)
Live @ Bloc Festival: Virus Syndicate
Dhruva and Sharmaji – ‘Koli Stance’ (Global Steps)
Interview @ Bloc Festival: Tim Exile
Tim Exile – ‘NOOB Endings’ (Planet Mu)
Naphta – ‘Soundclash Part 1’ (Long Time Burning mix) (Lightless)
Live @ Bloc Festival: Rhythm and Sound
SNO – ’25 Stone’ (Boka)
Interview @ Bloc Festival: Alex Smoke
Alex Smoke – ‘Hanged Man’ from ‘Hanged Man’ 12” (Vakant)
Ade Fenton – ‘We Are 10’ from ‘Atomic Jam’ EP (Primate)
Live @ Bloc Festival: Aux 88

2007-04-06 - Clark - Live at Bloc Weekender, Hemsby

Brothomstates vs Rakim- 'You Know I Got Soul' (Arcola)
Klute- '174 BMP' (LP- 'The Emperor's New Clothes') (Commercial Suicide)
Envy- 'Shush' (The City Is Ours)
Magnetic Man- 'Alright What's Happening Here' (LP- 'Dubstep Allstars Vol. 5') (Tempa)
The Tape vs. RQM- 'Gunpay' (Dubplate)
The Dubplate
Loefah- 'Sukkah' (Texture)
Claro Intellecto- 'Instinct' (LP- 'Warehouse Sessions 4') (Modern Love)
Dizzee Rascal- 'Sirens' (XL)
Emalkay- 'Mecha' (Dubplate)
DMX Crew- 'Emerging Technology Remix' (Breakin Records)
Live @ Bloc Festival: Clark
Neil Landstrumm- 'Rockers "The Underground King"' (LP- 'Restaurant Of Assassins') (Planet Mu)
Komonazmuk and Whiteboi- 'Unknown' (Combat)
Droppin' By: Battles
Battles- 'Leyendecker' (Warp)
The Download
Madlib- 'Sir Bounce' (Download)
Sincere Trade- 'Turn' (LP- 'Between Me And You') (Sublight)
Terrorbyte- 'South Side Shoot T Kill Klart' (Dubplate)
Threnody- 'Trend' (Dubplate)
Roedelius with George Taylor & The Fratellis- 'Belvedere' (LP- 'Snapshots & Sidesteps') (Psychonavigation)

2007-04-13 - DJ Pinch - Mix (VBR 170 kbps)

Wiley- 'Bow E3' (Big Dada)
Mark Henning- 'Ring Of Fire' (Trapez)
Skream - 'Chestboxin' (Tempa)
Terror Danjah feat. MC Fun, Shabba-D, D Double E, Skibba-Dee, Mello-D, Hitman Hyper, Ragga Twins, Flinty Ban Man & Demon Rocker- 'Creepy Crawler' (LP- Shock To The System) (Aftershock)
The Dubplate
Mr 76ix- 'Mindworm' (LP- 3 {Minority Of 1}) (Skam)
Junior Boys- 'Double Shadow' (Kode 9 Remix) (Domino)
Ben Sharpa & Konfab- 'Ultimatum (Ultimate Statement)' (Dubplate)
Method Of Defiance feat. Black Sun Empire, Graham Haynes & Pete Cosey- 'Hidden Killer' (LP- Inamorata' (Ohm Resistance)
Cupid's Revolution- 'Phoenix Hendry' (Big Toes Hi-Fi)
NSI- 'Bridge & Tunnel People' (Compilation- 'Shut Up and Dance!) (Ostgut Ton)
DJ Pinch: Techno vs. Dubstep Mix
Pinch- ‘Trauma’ (Dubplate)
Digital Mystikz- ‘Creeper’ (Dubplate)
Peverelist- ‘The Grind’ (Punch Drunk)
Headhunter- ‘Quantum’ (Dubplate)
Atki2- ‘Architect’ (Dubplate)
Appleblim- ‘Vansan’ (Skull Disko)
2562- ‘Channel Two’ (Dubplate, forthcoming on Tectonic)
2nd II None- ‘Waterfall’ (Dubplate)
Marc Ashken- ‘Roots Dyed Dark’ (Skream Remix) (forthcoming on Leftroom)
Cyrus (Random Trio)- ‘Dark Future’ (Dubplate, forthcoming on Tectonic)
Pinch- ‘Battered’ (Dubplate)
Henry & Louis meets Blue & Red, featuring Tony Tuff- ‘Answer’ (Pinch Remix) (forthcoming on 2 Kings)
Pinch- ‘134 Trek’ (Dubplate)
Shackleton- 'Blood On My Hands' (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix) (Skull Disco)
The Download
Hands On Heads- 'Romantic Aorta' (White)
Noisia & Mayhem feat. KRS1- 'Exodus' (Vision)
Cluekid- 'Stop Drop Roll' (Dubplate))
Lucy Over Lancashire- 'Part One' (SueMi)
Niederflur- 'evtl' (M_nus)

2007-04-20 - Ricardo Villalobos - Exclusive Live Mix

Mark Ashken- 'Roots Died Dark' (Skream Remix) (Leftroom)
Mungo's HiFi feat. Horace Andy- 'Skylarking' (Dubplate)
Sgure- 'Kentucky Fred' (LP- SupaInTellEctual) (Le Dernier Cri)
Youf, Wiley, Mz Bratt, DE-Velopment vs Big Ears- 'Catch Up' (LP- Shock To The System) (Aftershock)
Mathhead- 'Stagger Dub' (Pitch Black)
The Download
Rhythm & Sound with Koki- 'Rise & Praise' (Vainqueur Remix) (LP- See Mi Yah Remixes)
Zero DB feat. Phase Rock- 'Know What I'm Sayin' (K.I.T Remix) (White)
DQ1- 'Gud Money' (Tectonic)
Bjork- 'Earth Intruders' (One Little Indian)
Deep Chord- 'The Coldest Season' (Modern Love)
Ricardo Villalobos' Exclusive Live Mix
Ion Ludwig - 'Q of Munich' (Blood Source EP) (Quagmire 01)
The Dubplate
Mala- 'Unexpected Dub' (Dubplate)
Neil Landstrumm feat. Ragga Twins- 'Reverse Rebel' (Planet Mu)
Karsten Pflum- 'Jazkroge II' (EP- F*** The Music, Easy) (Suburban Trash)
Skeletons And The Kings Of All Cities- 'Fake Tits' (LP- Lucas) (Ghostly)
Klein & Zenker- 'Delusion' (Traumschallplatten)
Porn Sword Tobacco- 'Copyright The Universe' (LP- New Exclusive Olympic Heights) (City Centre Offices)

2007-05-04 - Lusine - Leftfield Mix

JME- 'Serious' (Rinse)
Magnetic Man- 'Alright What Happened' (Dubplate)
Voafose- 'Requesticles' (Rephlex)
Ceephax Acid- 'Toixco Gang' (LP- Ceephax Volume One) (Rephlex)
The Download
White- '47 Rockets For Wan Hu' (White)
Ben Sharpa- 'Interlude' (Dubplate)
Kode 9- 'Magnetic City' (LP- Box Of Dub) (Soul Jazz)
Dizzee Rascal- 'Sirens' (XL)
Taxman- 'Moonraker' (Propaganda)
Filewile feat. Joy Frempong- 'Dogstone Bombay' (LP- Nassau Massage) (Mouthwatering)
Mala- 'Bury Da Boy' (DMZ)
Shed- 'Masque' A Made Up Refix by 2652 (Soloaction)
2652 - 'A Made Up Refix'
Beastie Boys- 'Paul's Revere' (Best Element Remix) (LP- The Dedicated Beatheads Sound Convention Vol. 1) (Audiac)
Deepchord presents Echospace- 'Abraxas' (LP- The Coldest Season Vol. 2) (Modern Love)
Komonazmuk- 'For Real' (Terminal)
Language Barrier- 'Headwind' (Hymen)
Language Barrier- 'On the Line' (Hymen)
Serial Hodgepodge- 'Still Frame' (Ghostly)
Language Barrier- 'Jetstream ' (Hymen)
Serial Hodgepodge- 'The Stop' (Ambient Mix) (Ghostly International)
Travel Sickness- 'Act I' (Hymen)
Insight- 'Tomorrow's Yesterday' (Commercial Suicide)
Mark Pritchard & Steve Spacek- 'Turn It On' (LP- Jazzanova & Dirk Rumpff Broadcasting) (Sonar Kollektiv)

2007-05-11 (VBR 152 kbps)

Misty In Roots- 'Mankind' (White)
Burial- 'Unite' (LP-'Box Dub' )(Soul Jazz)
Noisia & Mayhem ft KRS 1- 'Exodus' (Vision)
Sharmaji- 'Jawani' (Dubplate)
The Download
xbxrx- 'Center Where Sight' (White)
Shackleton- 'New Dawn' (LP- Soundboy Punishments' compilation) (Skull Disco)
DJ Kentaro ft Spank Rock, Ronnie Darko, Chris Rockswell and Armani XXXChange- 'Space Station' (LP- Enter) (Ninja Tune)
Darqwan- 'Ghost Not Memory' (Planet Mu)
Signia- 'Ice Glass' Surgeon's Enslaved Population mix remix (White)
Wiley & JME- 'No Qualms' (LP- Playtime Is Over) (Big Dada)
Voafose- 'Weather Soc' (LP-'Voafose') (Reflex)
Oscar Mulero- 'Baskerbill's Dog' Regis remix (Dubplate)
Envy- 'Shush' (White)
TRG- 'Generation' (White)
Ade Fenton- 'We Are Ten' (Advance)
Double Helix- 'Conplacency' (White)
Break- 'Follow The Heat' (Engine)
Quark, Ruckspin & Planas ft Jila- 'Miserere' (Ranking Records Dubplate)
Len Faki- 'Mekong Delta' (LP- Misch Mash) (Fine)
Hecker- 'Acid 245; Ph.inv 9T2' (LP- Recordings For Rephlex)
Septembre Collective- 'Primaten' (LP- All The Birds Were Anarchists) (Mosz)
Apparat- 'Hold On' (LP- Walls) (Shitkatapult)
Lucy Over Lancashire- 'Part One' (Suemi)
Amiina- 'Blafeldur' (LP- Kurr) (Ever)

2007-05-18 - Wiley's History Of Grime (VBR 164 kbps)

Roni Size & Bahmadia- ‘New Forms’ (LP- ‘New Forms’) (Mercury)
Audion- ‘Just A Man’ (Ghostly International)
Little Dee- ‘Star In The Making’ (Eskibeat)
Magnetic Man- ‘Ligma’ (Dubplate)
The Download
Solvent- ‘Wish’ (Ghostly)
Dizzee Rascal- ‘Sirens’ (XL)
Quark, Ruckspin, Planas ft. Jila- ‘Miserere’ (Ranking Records)
El-P- ‘Dear Sirs’ (LP- ‘I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead’) (Definitive Jux)
The Ace Of Clubs- ‘Whorgan’ (LP- ‘Benefist’) (First Cask)
Breakage- ‘Clardendon’ (Dubplate)
Wiley: Winding It Up?
Wiley- '50 50’ (LP- Playtime Is Over) (Big Dada)
Andy C- ‘Intercity’ (Ram)
So Solid Crew- 'Oh No!' (Paper Money)
Icekid feat. Sickman, Steelo & Clipman- ‘Whenever’ (Eskibeat)
Skepta- ‘Intensive Snare’ (Boy Better Know)
Geeneus Crew
Matthew Herbert- ‘Celebrity’ (LP- Plat Du Jour) (Accidental)
Wiley- ‘Come Lay With Me’ (LP- Playtime Is Over) (Big Dada)
Coki- ‘Bleep’ (Big Apple Dubplate)
Stephen Marley- ‘Traffic Jam’ (Dhruva Remix) (Dubplate)
Adrian Moore- ‘Superstrings’ (White Label)
Intex Systems- ‘Aural Void’ ICR Remix (LP- ‘Buried Treasure Vlune 1’) (Offshore)
Sven Weismann- ‘Floating Dub’ (Meanwhile)

2007-05-25 - Dizzee Rascal - Live at Radio 1's Big Weekend, Preston, Reinhard Voigt (Kompakt) - Mix (VBR 167 kbps)

Fridge- ‘Drums Of Life’ (LP- ‘The Sun’) (Text)
Wadadda- ‘Empiyah’ (Brixton Mix) (MG77)
Joris Voorn- ‘Decay’ (LP- ‘From A Deep Place’) (Technorient/ Green)
Daybre Feat. Doom- ‘Air’ (Kode 9 Mix) (Ghostly International)
Pinch- ‘Bootz’ (Dubplate)
The Download
Residents- ‘Walrus Hunt’ (LP- Eskimo) (Download)
Dizzee Rascal Live
Dizzee Rascal- ‘Flex’ (Live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend) (XL)
Dizzee Rascal- ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ (Live at Radio 1’s Big Weekend) (XL)
Roland Appel- ‘Dark Soldier’ (White)
Terry Lynn- ‘Kingston Logic’ Acapella (Phree)
Burial- ‘Stairwell’ (Demo)
Kush Arora Feat. Jualaki- ‘Seed Haffi Glow’ (LP- ‘From Brooklyn To SF’) (KAP)
David Squilliance- ‘My a100 & Me’ (CMYK Music)
Reinhard Voigt Mix
All exclusive/unreleased tracks
Circuit Breaker- ‘Boomin’ Bass’ (Rowdy Version) (Bass Recordings)
Tes La Rok- ‘Mental Block’ (Mode Records)
Wiley- 'My Mistake' (Dubplate)
Avus- ‘Taken’ (White)
Vaccine- ‘Anaesthetic’ (Hot Flush)
Audiorepublik- ‘Two’ (Demo)
Need More Sources- ‘Morning’ (LP- ‘Shed’) (Moteer)
Ulrich Schnauss- ‘For Good’ (LP- ‘Goodbye’) (Independiente)

2007-06-01 - Jahtari - Digital Laptop Reggae Mix

Burial – ‘Stairwell’ (Demo)
Flying Lotus ft J Dilla & Phat Kat – ‘Game Over’ (White)
Magnetic Man – ‘Ligma’ (Dubplate)
Cdatakill – ‘No Brakes’ [Detritus remix] (Ad Noisium)
The Bug & Flowdan – ‘Jah War’ [Loefah mix] (Ninja)
The Download
Local – ‘They Are Local’ (Betulla)
Intex Systems – ‘Destroy’ (Hot Flush)
Runzelstrin & Gurgelstock – ‘Meatpump666’ (RecordLabelRecords)
LV + Errol Bellott - 'Globetrotting' (Hyperdub)
The Peverelist ‘The Grind’ (Punchdrunk)
MED – ‘Rhymes With An L’ from ‘Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children Vol 2’ (Stones Throw)
Iridite Productions ft Jason Brunton – ‘GA’ (Iridite Productions)
Cyrus [Random Trio] – ‘Bounty’ (Tectonic)
Jahtari Live Digital Laptop Reggae Set
Tracklisting to follow...
Laurie Anderson – ‘O Superman’ (Nonesuch)
2562 - ‘Channel 2’ (Tectonic)
Ramadanman – ‘The Woon’ (2nd Drop)
Nate Mars – ‘Higher To The Bass’ (Dubplate)
Our Sleepless Forest – ‘Nomads’ (Type)
Project Horsed – ‘The Wind Beneath My Feet’ (Demo)

2007-06-08 - Octave One - Live Mix at Movement Festival, Detroit 1Xtra's Takeover - Live in Nottingham (VBR 160 kbps)

Ben Sharpa- ‘Into The Black’ [Remix] (Pioneer Unit Dubplate)
Emalkay- ‘The Rogue’ (Boka Dubplate)
Puzzleweasel- ‘Fst-fuk-ledr-sofa’ (LP- ‘Exo-Grid’) (Sublight)
Wiley- ‘Bow E3’ (LP- ‘Playtime Is Over’) (Big Dada)
The Download
Aesop Rock- ‘None Shall Pass’ (Def Jux)
Mindspan- ‘Co Axial’ (Dubplate)
Booty Cologne Feat. Mapei- ‘Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya’ [Milanese Mix] (White Label)
Live from 1Xtra's Takeover, Nottingham
Young Kof- ‘Revolution’ (Live)
Shameless- ‘Everyday’ (Live)
Darqwan- ‘M/a..ximum Reespek’ (Planet Mu)
Super Flu- ‘Tripple Mapple’ (Traum Schallplatten)
Octave One Live from Detroit’s Movement Festival
Dizzee Rascal- ‘Old Skool’ (XL)
Cylob- ‘Rock The Trojan Fader’ (White Label)
Live from 1Xtra's Takeover, Nottingham
Sway- ‘Move Back’ (Live)
Lethal B- ‘Bizzle’ (Live)
Stephan Bodzin- 'Mondfahrt’ (LP- ‘Leibe Ist’) (Herzblut Recordings)
D.D.S.- ‘Silent Hill Dub’ (Dubplate)
Al Haca Feat. RQM & Oliver Gumball- ‘Citrus’ (Traktor)

2007-06-15 - Sonar Preview: Subtle - Live (repeat from 21 June 2005), Bus - Live (repeat from 27 June 2006)

Beastie Boys- ‘Jimmy James’ (Parlophone)
Matthew Dear- ‘Will Gravity Win Tonight’ (Ghostly International)
Komanazmuk vs White Boi- ‘Dead Man's Chest' (Dubplate)
Curtis Lynch Jr feat JD- ‘Mad Dread’ (Necessary Mayhem)
Funk Ethics 'The Blues Is Now' (Dubplate)
The Download
Lethal B- ‘Jump’ (White)
Chateau Flight - 'Superflight' - (Innervisions)
Subtle: Recorded Live at Sonar 2005
Kode 9 - ‘Nine’ (LP 'Memories Of The Future') (Hyperdub)
Ekaj - 'Kjah' (Dubplate)
Dizzie Rascal - 'Old Skool' (LP- 'Maths & English') (XL)
Plastikman - 'Mind in Rewind' (Novamute)
JPLS - 'Twilite' (M-Nus)
dgoHn - 'Elle' (Subtle Audio)
Deep Chord presents Echospace - 'Elysian' (Modern Love)
Mark Pritchard feat Spacek - 'Turn It On' (Sonar Collectiv)
Mica & The Cluster Collective - 'Refine' (Accidental)
Bus: Recorded Live at Sonar 2006
Ilx - 'Xhoust Fumes 320' (Dubplate)
Burbuja - 'Senseless' (Station 55)
Beastie Boys 'Electric Worm' (Parlophone)
Forensix - 'Stockholm' (Dubplate)

2007-06-22 - Sonar Special: Various - Lives & Interviews at Sonar Festival, Barcelona (VBR 171 kbps)

Oris Jay vs Elemental- ‘Formation’ (Sonar VIP mix)
Sonar Speech: Richie Hawtin
Sonar Set One: Benji B + Steve Spacek (UK)
Sonar Speech: Beastie Boys
Sonar Set Two: Nettle (UK)
Sonar Speech: Matthew Dear
Sonar Set Three: Claro Intelecto (UK)
Sonar Speech: Modeselektor
Sonar Set Four: FM3 plays The Buddha Machine (CH)
Sonar Speech: JPLS + Gaiser (M_nus)
Sonar Speech: Jeff Mills
Sonar Set Five: Oris Jay (UK)
Sonar Speech: Beastie Boys
Sonar Set Six: Kode 9 + The Spaceape (UK)
Sonar Speech: Skream & Oris Jay
Sonar Set Seven: Skream (UK)
Sonar Speech: Modeselektor
Sonar Set Eight: White (CH)
Sonar Speech: Richie Hawtin
Sonar Set Nine: KTL (US)

2007-06-29 - Sub Swara vs. Skull Disco - Mixes

Durrty Goodz- 'Keep Up' (EP- 'Axiom') (Dubplate)
Joris Voorn- 'Decay' (LP- 'From A Deep Place') (Technorient/Green)
Process Rebel feat. Dr. Israel- 'Call Me Bloodfire' (Dubplate)
Ital Tek- 'Bell Tower' (EP- 'Bloodline') (Planet Mu)
Distance- 'Fallen' (Vex'd Remix) (Planet Mu)
The Download
Bassnectar- 'Kick It Complex' (Bassnectar Remix) (Om)
Easy Changes- 'Unknown' (Wagon Repair)
Dabrye feat. J Dilla & Phat Kat- 'Game Over' (Flying Lotus Remix) (Dubplate)
Burial- 'Ghost Hardware' (Hyperdub)
Headline Mix: Sub Swara vs. Skull Disco
Round 1: Skull Disco
Basic Channel - 'Radiance' (Basic Channel)
The Congos - 'Fisherman' (Blood & Fire)
Various Artists - '8.5' (Fatcat)
Mono Junk - 'Channel B' (Styrax Leaves)
Pole - 'Achterbahn' (Shackleton Remix) (Scape)
T++ - 'Allied' (Erosion)
Gatekeeper & Peverelist - 'Cultivate' (Dubplate)
Martyn - 'Shadowcasting' (Re:Volver)
Round 2: Sub Swara
Dhruva- 'Intro' (featuring Juakali) (White Label)
Secret Agent Gel- 'Board' (White Label)
Kush Arora and Lukeino- 'Surf's Up' (Kush Arora Productions)
Dave Q- 'Legalize it Refix' (Dub War) (White Label)
Sharmaji- 'Insh'allah' (White Label)
Dhruva & Sharmaji - 'Koli Stance' (Vocal VIP Mix featuring Juakali) (White Label)
Dhruva & Sharmaji- 'Backwater Dub' (White Label)
Goonda - 'Infiltrate Refix' (Dhruva's Sub Step Remix) (High Chai)
Zed Bias- 'Time' (EP- 'Biasphere') (Sick Trumpet)
Heralds Of Change- 'Spotted' (All City)
Kalashnekoff- 'All I Got Refix' (Out In The West)
Audion- 'Just A Man' (Ghostly International)
Disrupt- 'The Stars My Destination' (LP- 'Secret Weapons') (Werk)
Calibre feat. Steve Spacek- 'For You Alone' (EP- 'Black Pocket Vol.2') (Exit)
Deepchord presents: Echospace- 'Aequinoxium' (Modern Love)

2007-07-06 - Dabrye & Black Milk - Live Session

Burial- ‘Exit Wounds’ (Hyperdub)
Pendle Coven- ‘Habitual Stress’ (EP- ‘Habitual Stress EP’) (Modern Love)
Filewile & Baby Chann- ‘Stamp You Feet’ (Mouthwatering)
Darqwan- ‘Warrior Stance’ (Texture Dubplate)
The Download
John Tejada & Arian Leviste- ‘From Empty Words’ (Original Mix) (Palette)
Funk Ethics- ‘The Blues Is Now’ (Dubplate)
Robert Babicz- ‘Sin’ (LP- ‘A Cheerful Temper’) (Systematic)
Benga- ‘Roller’ (Tempa)
Durrty Goodz- ‘Switchin Songs II’ (EP- ‘Axiom EP’) (Dubplate)
Modeselektor Feat. Paul St. Hillaire- ‘Let Your Love Grow’ (LP- ‘Happy Birthday’) (Bpitch)
Oyaarss- ‘River Paute’ (Dubplate)
Daybre & Black Milk Session
All exclusive tracks
Andy Stott- ‘Fear Of Heights’ (EP- ‘Fear Of Heights EP’) (Modern Love)
David E Sugar – ‘Oi Berlin This Is London’ [Oi This Doesn’t Sound Like Skream Remix] (GrecoRoman)
Vaccine- ‘Breathless’ (Dubplate)
TRG & Selector Dub U- ‘Losing Marbles’ (Dubplate)
ZX Spectrum Orchestra- ‘Musx’ (Warm Circuit)
Konfab- ‘Swart Gevaar VIP’ (Dubplate)
Aaron Spectre- ‘Say More Fire’ (Rag & Bone Records)
Worriedaboutsatan- ‘Noise 1’ (EP- ‘Noise 1’) (Iapetus Recordings)
Cotti Vs. Kromestar- ‘Mozart 3000’ (4N Frontier)
Vlageir Sigurosson- ‘Before Nine’ (LP- ‘Ekyilibrium’) (Bedroom Community)

2007-07-13 - Al Haca - BBC Family Business Crunch Time Set

Barrington Levi & Beenie Man – ‘Under Mi Sensi’ [X Project Remix] Skream – ‘Hedd Banger’ (Dubplate)
Tinchy Strider – ‘Not Like Me’ [LP - ‘Star In The Hood’] (Takeover Entertainment)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Beautiful Death’ (Dubplate)
Mindspan – ‘Co-Axial’ (Dubplate)
Daybre feat Doom - ‘Air’ (Kode 9 Mix) (Ghostly International)
Taz Buckfaster – ‘Strike First’ (Dubplate)
Klute & Calibre – ‘Freedom Come’ [LP - ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’] (Commercial Suicide)
Murcof – ‘Cosmos I’ [LP - ‘Cosmos’] (Leaf)
Curtis Lynch Jr feat JD – ‘Mad Dread’ (Necessary Mayhem)
Elemental – ‘Sparkle’ [Boxcutter remix] (Hotflush)
Kevin Gorman – Untitled (Mikrowave)
Guest Mix: Al Haca
Al Haca feat Joyce - ‘Amicadi’ (Dubplate)
Milanese -‘Tau’ (Planet Mu)
Tolcha feat Rqm - ‘The World Is A Ghetto’ (Metapolyp)
Aphrodelics - ‘Stomp’ [Siqnature Remix] (Dubplate)
Milanese - ‘Barry Dub’ (Planet Mu)
One Time - ‘One Time’ [Stereotyp's Bootleg Rmx] (Dubplate)
Tolcha feat Soom T - ‘What About Us’ [White Dress Remix] (Dubplate)
Chris De Luca vs Phono feat Rqm - ‘Designer’ (Dubplate)
Jahcoozi feat Lexy Lee - ‘Freeze’ (Dubplate)
Stereotyp - ‘Keepin Me’ [Stereotyp Remake] (Dubplate)
Milanese - ‘Tau’ (Planet Mu)
Tolcha feat Soom T - ‘Void’ (Dubplate)
Al Haca - ‘Porra’ [Synthline] (Dubplate)
Al Haca feat Fefe - ‘Reprezent’ (Duplate)
Cyrus - ‘Indian Stomp’ (Tectonic)
Siqnature feat Sara - ‘Oh Ja Oh Ye’ (Dubplate)
Siqnature - ‘Cry’ (Dubplate)
Tritone - ‘Mercury’ [Siqnature Remix] (Dubplate)
Ekaj – ‘KJah’ (Dubpate)
Plaid – ‘Bar Kimura’ Vex’d remix (Dubplate)
Ilx - 'Xhoust Fumes' (Dubplate)
Autobee – ‘Grump C***’ [LP - ‘Vomit!’] (Proboscus)
Matthew Herbert – ‘Waste Land’ [LP - ‘Plat Du Jour’] (Accidental)
Strings Of Consciousness – ‘Sirenade Round Midnight’ (Central Control International)

2007-07-20 - Plastician - Guest Presenter

Durrty Goods – ‘Give Me The Music’ (ft. NY)
Mrk1 – ‘Untitled’
LD – ‘Swing That Skirt’
Magnetic Man – ‘We Want Your Soul’
Geeneus – ‘Starbuck’
Dz – Strong On Ya
Benga – ‘Drums West’
Cotti & Cluekid – ‘Sensi Dub’
Wiley – ‘Tingles’
Wiley – ‘Bow E3’
Scream – ‘2D’ [Plastician Special]
Blacks Ghost – ‘Someway Through This’ [Plastician Vs Skream Mix]
Benga & Coki – ‘Night’
L-Wiz – ‘Girl from Codeine City’
Plastician – ‘Japan’
Uncle Sam – ‘Around The World Girls’ [Tes La Rok Remix]
Joker – ‘Aquarius’
Coki – ‘Untitled’
Distance – ‘Radical’
Tes La Rok – ‘Roll Out’
Rusko – ‘Jahova Rmx’
Magnetic Man – ‘Everything Kool’
Jakes – ‘3kout’
Joker – ‘Gully Brook Lane’ [Plastician Special]
Plastician – ‘Missing’
Sticky Vs Unity – ‘M6 Riddim’
Matty G – ‘West Coast’ [Caspa Remix]
Rusko – ‘Untitled’
Sukh Knight Vs V Deezy – ‘Diesel Not Petrol’
Skream – ‘Here’s A Sign’
Joker – ‘R2D2’
Plastician – ‘The Clouds’
Kromestar – ‘Rainy Dayz’
Mala – ‘Lean Forward’
Cotti & Cluekid – ‘The Legacy’

2007-07-27 - Joris Voorn - Journey Into Space Mix

Aesop Rock- 'The Harbor Is Yours' (Definitive Jux) (LP- None Shall Pass)
Pendle Coven- 'Habitual Stress' (Modern Love) (EP- Habitual Stress)
Oyaarss- 'Solaris' (Dubplate)
Cdatakill- 'No Brakes' (Detreitus Mix) (Ad Noiseum) (LP- Bleeding Hearts Vol. 1 Compilation)
The Download
Lull- 'Long Way Home' (Subharmonic) (LP- Cold Summer)
Untold- 'Test Signal' (Dubplate)
Boxcutter- 'Infraviolet' (Dubplate)
Kuti Kult- 'Stay Strong' (Pioneer Unit) (LP- Planetary Assault)
Swayzak- 'Quiet Life' (K7!) (LP- Some Other Country)
Model 500- 'Starlight' (Deepchord Mix) (Echospace)
Joris Voorn's Journey Into Space Mix
tracklist to follow....
DJ Distance- 'Fallen' Vex'd Mix (Planet Mu)
DJ 100Modo- 'Broken 21' (Dubplate)
Calibre- 'Re-Entry' (Signature) (LP- Shelflife)
Hugh Like- 'Content' (Demo)
Gatekeeper- 'Tense Past' (Punchdrunk)
Brentford Reggae Band- 'Moses Version' (Soul Jazz) (LP- Studio One Dub Compilation Vol.2)
Macabre Unit- 'Fantasy' (Boka)
Broken Note- 'The Fury' (Demo)
Fitkin Wall- 'Powder Trap' (GFR) (LP- Still Warm)

2007-08-03 - MC Envy vs. Mz Bratt - Live Session

Bob Marley- 'Exodus' (Tuff Gong)
Richie Hawtin- 'The Tunnel' (M_nus) (LP- Nothing Much- A Best Of M_nus)
Wiley- 'Sorry, Sorry, Pardon, What' (Big Dada)
Boxcutter- 'Infraviolet' (Dubplate)
The Download
Al Haca- 'Banana Split' (Different Drummer) (EP- Family Business)
Ben Frost- 'Stomp' (Bedroom Community) (LP- Theory Of Machines)
Burial- 'Ghost Hardware' (Hyperdub)
Si Begg- 'Digital' (Totally Re-Kirked Mix) (Noodles) (LP- Jetlag & Tinnitus Part 4)
Laurent Garnier- 'First Reactions' (PIAS) (LP- Public Outburst)
Unknown- 'Untitled Dub' (Plastician & Skream remix) (Southern Fried)
In Session: MC ENVY & MZ BRATT
Loefah- 'Sukkah' (Texture)
Papayk & Padberg- 'Skit: Pantomime Horse' (Mo's Ferry Productions) (LP- Black Beauty)
Kush Arora feat. Sukh- 'Tribulation' (KAP) (LP- Bhang Ragga: Dancehall Bhangra In Future Dub)
Dizzee Rascal feat. Newham Generals- 'My Life' (XL)
Intex Systems - 'Destroy' (Hotflush)
Mark Pritchard feat Steve Spacek - 'Turn It On' (Sonar Kollectiv)
Aaron Spectre- '4 Voices' (Ad Noiseam) (LP- Lost Tracks)
vs_price- 'Neuf' (Expanding) (LP- songs06.txt)

2007-08-10 - Xperimental Xtremes Special: Ade Fenton - Future Industrial Mix, KTL - Live Session

Vorpal- 'Cartoon Violence For Camille Saint-Saens' (Sublight) (LP- Digressions)
Gazormass- 'Todial Chamber Tu' (WWilko) (LP- F***FranceGermany)
Jakes- '3Kout' (Dubplate)
Rusko- '2 Far' (Dubplate)
Jega- 'Aerodynamic' (White)
Aphex Twin- 'Lornaderek' (Warp) (LP- Drukqs)
0=0- 'Xtata VIP' (White)
Superimposer- 'Catalyst' (Extended Version) (Dubious Audio) (LP- Thought Fungus)
Bob Humid- 'It's Warm Besides The Submarine Cables' (Suburban Trash) (LP- Second Wind Phenomenon)
MiJim- 'Eiphon Skank' (Dubplate)
Earzumba- 'Patita Ronosa' (Dial SinFin) (LP- Hermsos Movimiento & Florence Escondido)
Murcof- 'Cosmos I' (Leaf) (LP- Cosmos)
False- 'Disease/George Washington' (M_nus)
**Ade Fenton's Future Industrial Mix**
MC Totally Rad & DJ F***- 'Burning Desire' (Jarring Effects) (LP- Jfx 1 Digital Antithests)
Fantomas- 'Night Of The Hunter (by Walter Schumann)' (Ipecac) (LP- The Director's Cut)
Moving Ninja- 'Uranium' (Tectonic)
John Tchicai- 'Lullaby' (Treader) (LP- John Tchicai with Strings)
**KTL Live In Session**
Mica & The Cluster Collective- 'Clean Dirty Mic' (Dubplate)
Seaming- 'Vertigo Billy' (White)
Xela- 'Masculine Guilt' (Rite) (LP- Electronic Music)
Ricardo Villalobos- 'What's Wrong My Friend' (Perlon)
Toothgrinder- 'Animosity' (Drumcorps Mix) (White)

2007-08-17 - Tempa Records/FWD Special: Youngsta - Mix

Rakim- 'I Got Soul' (Brothomstates Mix) (Arcola)
Mr 76ix- 'Other' (Acid Reflux Mix) (MAR)
False- 'Forgetting' (M_nus)
Pendle Covern- 'Habitual Stress' (Modern Love)
Ben Sharpa- 'Into The Black' (Pioneer Unit) (LP- Planetary Assault)
Matthew Rozeik- 'March Of The Snowmen' (100m Records)
TEMPA/FWD's Studio Dance
Headhunter- 'Sushi Brain' (Tempa Dubplate)
Benga & Coki- 'Night' (Tempa)
Horsepower- 'Gorgon Sound' (Tempa)
Horsepower- 'Crazy Into' (Tempa)
Youngsta Headline Mix
Asbo Productions- 'Asbo 1' (Dubplate)
Skream- 'Shake It' (Dubplate)
Benga- 'Skunk Tip' (Skream Remix) (Dubplate)
Headhunter- 'Drop The Waste' (Tempa)
Benga- 'Empty' (Tempa)
DI- 'Instep' (Tempa)
Skream- 'Here's A Sign' (Tempa)
Benga- '26 Basslines' (Tempa)
Benga- 'Pleasure' (Tempa Dubplate)
Headhunter- 'Locus Lotus' (Tempa)
High Planes Drifter vs Goldspot- 'Sholay' (Epic Mix) (Tempa)
Untold- 'Test Signal' (Dubplate)
The Marcia Blane School For Girls- 'Faulty Perceptual Apparatus' (Highpoint Lowlife) (LP- Analogue For Architecture Compilation)
Prefuse 73 feat. John Stainer- 'Smoking Red' (Warp)
Pangea- 'Coiled' (Hessle Audio)

2007-08-24 - Highpoint Lowlife - Mix

Cadence Weapons- 'Sharks' (Radio Edit) (Big Dada) (LP- Breaking Kayfabe)
Martin Buttrich- 'Well Done' (Headhunter Remix) (Four:Twenty)
C.A.B.L.E- 'New Infection' (Innerground)
Wiley- 'Sorry Sorry Pardon What' (Big Dada)
Autobee- 'Grump C***' (Proboscus) (LP- 'Vomit')
Empty Set- 'Seclusion' (Future Days)
The Download
Plant- 'Elektrodub Play' (White)
Aesop Rock- 'Harbour Is Yours' (Definitive Jux) (LP- None Shall Pass)
The Sub Division- 'The Devil's Kiss' (Dubplate)
Mz Bratt feat. Skepta- 'Word On The Road' (Aftershock)
False- 'Disease/George Washington' (M-Nus) (LP- '2007')
Headline Mix: Highpoint Lowlife
Erstlaub - 'On Becoming an Island' (Excerpt)
Fisk Industries - 'Gangu' (Highpoint Lowlife)
Mandelbrot - 'Twilight /Delat pt.2' (Highpoint Lowlife)
Telefonica - 'Tape Noise' ( Marshall Watson remix) (Highpoint Lowlife)
Friends Of The Jitney - 'Good Mourning' ( Leafcutter John remix) (Highpoint Lowlife)
Tigrics - 'Dalston Kingsland Bonus Chicken' (Highpoint Lowlife)
The Village Orchestra - 'The White Visitation' (Highpoint Lowlife)
Fisk Industries - 'Crowley' (Highpoint Lowlife)
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls - 'Qoelet' (Highpoint Lowlife)
Izu - 'Twinge' (Highpoint Lowlife)
Ricardo Villalobos- 'What's Wrong My Friend?' (Perlon) (12")
DJ Distance- 'Feel Me' (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus- 'Tea Leaf Dancers' (Warp)
DJ Hidden- 'Faust Pact' (Dubplate)
Helios- 'In Heaven' (Type) (LP- Ayres)
Shackleton- 'New Dawn' (Skull Disco) (LP- Soundboy Punishments)
KIT feat. Leonore- 'Get Your Kit On' (Too-B 07/07 Remix) (White)

2007-08-31 - Modeselektor - Mix

Wiley feat. JME- 'No Qualms' (Big Dada)
Chris Nobles- 'Without' (Sunflower) (LP- The Incidious March)
Cursor Minor- 'Everybody Want Power' (Combat) (EP- Data Warfare)
Klute & Calibre- 'Freedom Come' (Commercial Suicide) (LP- The Emperor's New Clothes)
Prefuse 73 feat. John Stainer- 'Smoking Red' (Warp) (LP- The Class Of 73 Bells)
The Download
Peanut Butter Bandit- 'Other Room' (White)
Tor vs DJ Wonder- 'Do Get To Know' (Dubplate)
Gueti- 'Canson' (White)
Cadence Weapons- 'Lisa's Spider' (Big Dada) (LP- Breaking Kayfabe)
Headhunter- 'Sushi Brain' (Tempa)
Icicle & Switch- 'Strange Behaviour' (Osiris Music)
Komonazmuk- 'Preset W****' (Mode)
Headline Mix: Modeselektor
Modeselektor Feat. TTC - '2000007' (BPitch Control)
Modeselektor Feat. Ninjaman - 'Weed Wid Da Macka' (Modeselektor
Remix) (BPitch Control)
Modeselektor - 'Godspeed' (BPitch Control)
Thom Yorke - 'Skip Divided' (Modeselektor Remix) (White)
Modeselektor - 'Black Block' (BPitch Control)
Poirier Ghislain Feat. Face T. - 'Blazin'' (Modeselektor Remix) (Ninja Tune)
Rusko- '2 AND A Q' (Dubplate)
Guido Sefensieder- 's.ecret' (White)
MC Totally Rad & DJ F***- 'Burning Dersire' (Jarring Effects)
Public Enemy- 'Escapism' (Slamjamz) (LP- How You Sell Soul To A Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul??)
Cobblestone Jazz- 'Waiting Room' (K7!/Wagon Repair) (LP- 23 Seconds)
Various Production feat. Emma Pollock- 'Limbs' (White)
Si-cut.db- 'Estury' (Highpoint Lowlife) (LP- Analogue Architecture)

2007-09-07 - Intex Systems Luvz Vaccine - Mix (VBR 162 kbps)

Method Man- ‘Release Yo Delf’ (Prodigy Remix) (Def Jam)
Darqwan- ‘Warrior Stance’ (Texture)
False- ‘Warm Co’ & ‘Timing’ (M_nus) (LP- 2007)
MiJim- ‘Bottomless Pit’ (Dubplate)
Jneiro Jerel presents Shape Of Broad Minds- ‘Unnamed’ (Lex) (LP- Craft Of The Lost Art)
The Download
Christian Dittman- ‘Planeta Rojo’ (Thinner) (EP- Emporio)
Xanopticon- ‘Symptom’ (DJ Hidden Mix) (Thaco) (12”- Amblemic)
Cadence Weapons- ‘Lisa’s Spider’ (Big Dada) (LP- Breaking Kayfabe)
Oyaruss- ‘Silver Tongue’ (Dubplate)
Vladislav Delay- ‘Recovery Idea’ (Semantica)
Intex Luvz Vaccine Mix
Vaccine - "Anaesthetic" [Hotflush]
Boxcutter - "Infraviolet" [forthcoming Hotflush]
Vaccine - "Wishful Thinking" (VIP) [forthcoming Hotflush]
Intex Systems - "Destroy" [Hotflush]
Elemental - "Sparkle" (Boxcutter remix) [forthcoming Hotflush]
Intex Systems - "Cyclone" [forthcoming Vaccine]
Intex Systems - "Spectral" [Dubline]
Toasty - "Angel" (Si Begg remix) [forthcoming Hotflush]
Vaccine - "Fever" [forthcoming Hotflush]
Scuba - "In Flight" [Unreleased]
Intex Systems - "Break Away" [Unreleased]
Vaccine - "Breathless" [forthcoming Hotflush]
Vaccine - "Atrium" [Unreleased]
Flying Lotus- ‘Tea Leaf Dancers’ (Warp) (EP- Reset)
Moving Ninja- ‘Closer To The Metal’ (Dubplate)
Samamidon- ‘Sugar Baby’ (Bedroom Community) (LP- All Is Well)
Chloe- ‘The Common Cello’ (Kill The DJ) (LP- The Waiting Room)
Wascal- ‘Decide’ (Dubplate)
Zed Bias- 'Time' (White)
The Outside Agency- ‘Our Fear’ (AEntitainment) (12”- Whiteline Vol II)

2007-09-14 - Prefuse 73 - Live Session, Calibre - Mix

Neil Landstrumm - 'Assassin Master' (Planet Mu) (LP - Restaurant Of Assassins)
Vista - 'Neptune' (Dubplate)
Vaccine - 'Atrium' (Dubplate)
New Flesh - 'Stick And Move' (Big Dada) (LP - Well Deep: Ten Years Of Big Dada)
Commix - 'Strictly' (Metalheadz) (LP - Call To Mind)
Skream - 'Hedd Case' (Dubplate)
The Bug feat Killa P & Flowdan - 'Skeng' (Kode 9 re-mix) (Hyperdub)
Prefuse 73 Session
Boxcutter - 'Foxy' (Planet Mu) (LP - Glyphic)
Philip Quehenberger - 'Varad' (Editions Mego) (LP - Phantom In Paradise)
Envy & Medasyn - 'Tongue Twister' - (Dubplate)
Parson - 'Throw Some D's' (Planet Mu)
Calibre Mix
Calibre - 'Cold Blade' (White)
Calibre - 'Re-Entry' (Signature)
Calibre - 'Venus & Mars' (Signature)
Calibre feat DRS - 'Slums' (White)
Calibre & St Files - 'Stcal Roller' (Signaature)
Calibre feat Gariman - 'Peace Of Mind' (Signature)
Calibre - 'TV On' (White)
Calibre - 'Acrobat' (Signature)
Calibre - 'Free' (White)
Calibre - 'Idris' (White)
Christ - 'Chopper' (Benbecula) (EP - 'Bike')
Prefuse 73 - 'A Track He Left Behind As A Special Present' (White)

2007-09-21 - Murcof - Mix

Jimmy Edgar- 'Jefferson Interception' (Warp)
Parson- 'Texas Crawl' (Dublate)
Terror Danjah & Durrty Goodz- 'Reloadz' (Aftershock)
Yapacc - 'Take This Way' (Sender) (Compilation - Antena To Antena)
Tigrics- 'Qip'd' (Highpoint Lowlife) (LP - Synki)
Benga- 'Broken Dubstep' (Planet Mu) (Compilation - 200)
Unknown- 'Untitled' (Random Unreleased Records)
Headhunter- 'Locus Lotus' (Tempa)
65D Mavericks- 'Move Towards The Light' (Rodz-Konez) (12"- Luxury & Violence)
Mindgame- ' Dreams Of Delta' (Quarantine) (LP - Fierce Presents Dominion)
Bola- 'Rainslaight' (Skam) (LP - Kroungrine)
Murcof Mix
Escapee Planes- 'Perfume' (Dubplate) (EP A Heavy Scent In The Air)
Bob Marley & The Wailers- 'Don't Rock My Boat' (Stuhr Remix) (Tuff Gong) (LP- Roots Rock Remixed)
Blackdown- 'Northside Cheng Dub' (Keysound)
Black Pocket- 'Reversible Top' (D-Bridge mix) (Exit)
Julian Fane- 'The Moon Is Gone' (Planet Mu) (Compilation - 200)
Alexi Delano- 'Would You?' (M-Nus) (EP- Spies & Lies)
Map One- 'Rose And Sandy' (Highpoint Lowlife) (Compilation - Analog For Architecture)

2007-09-28 - Matthew Dear - Mix (VBR 202 kbps)

Zinc – ‘Flim’ [Skream Rmx] [LP- ‘Dubstep Drama’] (Dubplate Drama/Rinse)
Atto & Anderson – ‘Guimba’ [LP- ‘Addicted Vol. 2’] (Platipus)
Rusko – ‘Like Dis’ (Dubplate)
Zed Bias & Inklined Minds – ‘Can You Let Go’ (Sick Trumpet)
Lukid – ‘The Now’ [Hudson Mo Rmx] (Werk)
The Bug feat. Flowdan & Killa P – ‘Skeng’ [Kode 9 Rmx] (Hyperdub)
Fantastic Freaks – ‘@ The Dixie’ [LP- ‘Wild Style’] (Mr Bongo Recordings)
Parson – ‘Texas Crawl’ (Dubplate)
Skepta – ‘In A Corner’ [LP- ‘Greatest Hits’] (Boy Better Know)
Ra – ‘Ev.Panic’ (Planet Mu)
A Made Up Sound – ‘Sleepwalk’ (Subsolo)
Claro Intelecto – ‘Dependant’ (Modern Love)
Matthew Dear Mix
Milanese – ‘Mr Bad News’ [Clarke Rmx] [EP- ‘Adapt Rmx’] (Planet Mu)
Luke Envoy – ‘M.u.g.e.n’ (Dubplate)
Synco feat. Juakali – ‘New Cycle’ (Dubplate)
Breakage – ‘Callahan’ (Dubplate)
Frog Pocket – ‘Mull Fhuar’ [LP- ‘Come On Primates Show Your Teeth’] (Planet Mu)
Intex Sytems – ‘DS4’ (Hotflush)

2007-10-05 - Boxcutter - Mix (VBR 178 kbps)

Geeneus - 'Star Buck' (Dubplate Drama / Rinse) (LP - Dubstep Drama)
Najem Sworb - ' Not Only' (Ai) (EP - Hydrocarbon EP)
Terror Danjah & Durrty Goodz - 'Reloadz' (Aftershock)
Hecq - '0004' (Hymen)
Pinch - 'Widescreen' (Tectonic) (LP - Underwater Dancehall)
Supreme Team - 'See (Suite)' (Stones Throw) (LP - Peanut Butter Wolf presents 2k8: B-Ball Zombie War)
The Download
Daftar - 'Osaka-O' (White)
OQTO - 'Aloma Saloma' (Dubplate)
Benga - '26 Basslines' (Tempa) (LP - Diary Of An Afro Warrior)
Skepta ft Trigga - 'In A Corner' (Boy Better Know) (LP - Greatest Hits)
Trentmoller - 'Vamp' (Automatique) (LP - The Trentmoller Chronicles)
Gescom - 'C2' (Skam) (EP - A1-D1)
Boxcutter mix
Oner Ozer - 'Sahara' (Vakant)
Luke Skywalker - ' Jabba' (Dubplate)
The Gasman - 'Molten' (Planet Mu) (LP - Audio Gold)
U-ziq - 'Old And Tired' (Planet Mu) (LP - Duntisbourne Abbots Soulmate Division Technique)
Swayzak - 'Smile & Receive' (Aparrat mix) (K7!)
2562 - 'Channel Two' (Tectonic)
Herd - 'Tangents 1-4' (Demo)

2007-10-17 - Kode 9 - Burial Mix (Album Preview) (VBR 160 kbps)

Cadence Weapons - 'Lisa's Spider' (Big Dada)
Headhunter - 'Sushi Brain' (Tempa Dubplate)
Lil Dee - ' Star In The Makin'' (LP - Don't Let The Name Trick You) (Media Gang)
False - 'Forgetting' (LP - 2000) (Minus)
Jus Wan - 'Untitled August' (Dubplate)
Vaccine - 'Atrium' (Dublplate)
Cult Of The 13th Hour - 'Wickedness' (Compilation - Box Of Dub 2) (Soul Jazz)
C.A.B.L.E. - 'New Infection' (Innerground)
Calibre & DRS - 'Slums' (Signature Dubplate)
Cdatakill - 'No Brakes' (Detreitus Mix) (12" Bleeding Hearts Vol 1) (Ad Noiseum)
Magnetic Man - 'Alright...What Happened' (Dubplate)
Voafose - 'Weather Soc' (Rephlex)
Zinc - 'Film' (Skream Remix) (Compilation - Dubstep Drama) (Rinse)
Christian Dittman - 'Planeta Rojo' (EP - Emporio) (Thinner)
Feral Witchchild
Etched Headplate
Shell of Light
In McDonalds
Near Dark
Speed Ball2
Cold Planet
Amon Tobin Vs Boxcutter - 'Kitchen Sink' (Dubplate)
Anthony Childs - 'Unknown Intro' & 'Scorn' - Doors & Kero Vs dbit - 'Prof Railer' from Surgeon's new mix - 'This Is For You Sh*ts' (Warp)
Zed Bias & Inklined Minds - 'Can You Let Go?' (Sick Trumpet)
Subeena - 'Circular' (Dubplate)
Jega - 'Aerodynamic' (White Label)
Ben Frost - 'Theory Of Machines' (Bedroom Community)
Claro Intelecto - 'Dependant' (Modern Love)
Breakage - 'Callahagn' (Dubplate)
The Marcia Blane School For Girls - 'Faulty Perceptual Apparatus' (Compilation - Analog For Architecture) (Highpoint Lowlife)

2007-10-24 - Steve Spacek - Mix

Cult Of The 13th Hour - 'Wickedness' (Soul Jazz) (Compilation - Box Of Dub 2)
Walsh & Benga - 'Addicts' (Dubplate)
Badness & Chipmunk - 'When We Rise' (True Tiger)
Rusko - 'Like Dis' (Dubplate)
Likhan - 'Terre' (7even)
The Download
Monfogo - 'Loco' (Aagoo)
Ceefax Acid - 'Stri Fry Jungle' (PLanet Mu)
Funk Ethics - 'The Blues Is Now' (Dubplate)
Aesop Rock - 'Harbour Is Yours' (Definitive Jux)
Sub Version - 'Soul Jah Boogie' (Soul Jazz) (Compilation - Box Of Dub 2)
Cotti & Doctor - 'Calm Down' (Dubplate)
Dampkrane - 'Kalimbamudd' (Buried In Time) (LP - Buried In Time)
Steve Spacek / Blackpocket Mix
Blackpocket - Juiced (Exit)
Blackpocket - Cyborg (Exit)
Blackpocket - The Road (Exit)
Blackpocket/Trouble Man - Glang Slap (Exit)
Sta Simonez - I Want You (Exit)
Supadred - Smile (Exit)
Blackpocket - Sta Simonez (Exit)
Blackpocket /Trouble Man - Sound Of The Future (Exit)
Skream - 'Losing Control' (Rinse) (Compilation - Dubstep Drama)
Jus Wan - 'Untitled August' (Dubplate)
Skepta & Trigga - 'In A Corner' (Boy Better Know) (LP - Greatest Hits)
Point B - 'Gymede' (Dubplate)
Edit - 'Evac' (Colony Productions) (Compilation - Colonized 01)
Boxcutter - 'Foxy' (Planet Mu) (LP - Glyphic)
Blackdown - 'Northside Cheng Dub' (Keysound)

2007-10-31 - Flying Lotus - Mix

Sarantis and Warrior Queen - 'More Than Money' (Senseless)
Gaiser - 'Apology' (LP - Eye Contact) (M_Nus)
Prefuse 73 - 'Smoking Red' (LP - Preparations) (Warp)
Badness and Chipmunk - 'When We Rise' (True Tiger Dubplate)
Amit - 'Too Many Freedoms' (Commercial Suicide)
The Download
Tigrics - 'Qip'd' (Highpoint Lowlife)
Asbo 1 - 'Untitled' (Dubplate)
Pinch and Yolande - 'Get Up' (LP - Underwater Dancehall) (Tectonic)
Najem Sworb - 'Not Only' (EP - Hydrocarbon) (Ai)
Terror Danjah - 'Work' (Aftershock)
Darqwan - 'Megatection' (Dubplate)
Flying Lotus Mix
Flying Lotus - Orbit Brazil (Plug Research)
Flying Lotus - Backpack Caviar (White)
Lunchpail - JJ (Prod. Samiyam) (White)
Flying Lotus - This is what it sounds like Ft. John Robinson (White)
Vandalyzm - Yes Sir! (Prod. Flying Lotus) (White)
Baron Zen - Bz Theme (Danny Breaks Remix) (Stone's Throw)
Hudson Mo - Monde (White)
MatthewDavid - Taper Mixer (White)
Flying Lotus - Vegas Collie (Warp)
Gonjasufi and The Gaslamp Killer - Kobwebs (White)
Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers Remix Ft. Andreya Triana (Warp)
Samiyam - Georgia REMIX (White)
Flying Lotus - $tunt$ - (White)
Timbaland - Unreleased Beat (White)
Ras G - Track 6 - African Space Program (White)
Flying Lotus - It's a secret (Warp)
Flying Lotus - Breathe (Warp)
Flying Lotus - Orbit Outro (White)
Luke Vibert - 'Mate Tron' (Planet Mu)
Gescom - 'C2' (EP - A1-D1) (Skam)
Likhan - 'Terre' (7even)
Objekt 4 - 'Nexus Sector' (LP - Space Jungle Slums) (Ajana Records)
Cane 141 - Track 14 (from LP Lost at Sea) (Micopolis)
Nathan Fake - 'Charlie's House' (Apparat Mix) (Border Community)

2007-11-07 - Skepta & DJ Maximum - Live Session (VBR 175 kbps)

Burial - 'Archangel' (LP - Untrue) (Hyperdub)
The Village Orchestra - 'Departure (38)' Erstlaub remix (Highpoint Lowlife)
Zed Bias ft Broke N' English - 'Bare Knuckle' (LP - Experiments in Biasonics Vol 1) (Sick Trumpet)
N-Type - 'HP Sauce' (Dubplate)
Hecq - 'Intro' & 'Untitled' & 'Nor Nar' (LP - A Dried Youth) (Kaleidoskop)
The Download
Stade ft Infinite Livez - 'Reverse Charge Blues' (Kitty Yo)
Durrty Goodz & Terror Danjah - 'Reloadz' (Mixtape - Hardrive Vol 1) (Aftershock)
Skream - 'Lightning VIP' (Dubplate)
Eleven Tigers - 'Prosthesis' (Demo)
Flying Lotus - 'Tea Leaf Dancers' (Warp)
Tolcha ft Soom T - 'What About Us?' (Al Haca remix) (Metapolyp)
Skepta Session
I'm There
I Wear My Own Garms
I Spy (Boy Better Know)
Sweet Mother
Listen Up
Pranging Out (Remix)
You Dun Know
Blood Sweat And Tears
In A Corner
Geiom - 'Safety Patterns' (LP - Island Noise) (Berkane Sol)
Icarus - 'Selfautoparent' (LP - Sylt) (Rump Recordings)
Amon Tobin Vs Boxcutter - 'Kitchen Sink' (Dubplate)
Phaeleh - 'Digital' (Dubplate)
Calibre - 'Slums' (Signature Dubplate)
Bizzy B & Equinox - 'Merda Style 2004' (Planet Mu)
Donnacha Costello - 'Blue B' (LP - Colorseries) ((Minimise)
Forsaken - 'Boat Noodles' (PunchDrunk)
Scuba - 'Outmost' (Dubplate)

2007-11-14 - Juakali - Live Session, Shackleton - Mix (VBR 180 kbps)

Reso – ‘2FacedRasta’ (Dubplate)
Enormous O’Clock – ‘0000_975’ (Dubplate)
Sharpa & Konfab – ‘Statement’ (Dubplate)
Wisp – ‘Drycraeft’ [from the LP ‘Honor Beats’] (Sublight)
Untold – ‘Purify’ (Hessle Audio)
The Download
Audion – Rubber (Spectral Sound)
The Bug & Warrior Queen – ‘Poison Dart’ (Ninjatune)
King Cannibal – ‘Aragami Style’ [from the EP ‘Long Dark & Dancehall’] (Shockout)
Live Session - Juakali
Juakali – Get Wet
Juakali – Gangstaz
Christian Dittmann – ‘Sinos’ [from the EP ‘Emporio’] (Thinner)
Burial – ‘Raver’ [from the LP ‘Untrue’] (Hyperdub)
Shackleton Guest Mix
Awaiting Tracklisting Info
Sully – ‘Phonebox’ (Dubplate)
Shameless – ‘Shame On Your Name’ (Dubplate)
Oyaarss – ‘8419’ (Dubplate)
Live Session - Juakali
Juakali – ‘Crows’
TRG vs Martyn – ‘Broken Heart’ (Hessle Audio Dubplate)
Dynamic - ‘Baroque’ (Dubplate)

2007-11-21 - Amon Tobin - Mix (VBR 200 kbps)

Venetian Snares - 'Room 379' (from LP - 'My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)') (Planet Mu)
Gaiser - 'Apology' (M_Nus)
MC Totally Rad and DJ F*** - 'Super Evil' (from Compilation - 'A Jarring Effects Label Selection Of Capetown Beats') (Jarring Effects)
Reso - 'Identity' (Dubplate)
Black Sun Empire, Graham Haynes & Pete Cosey - 'Hidden Killer' (from Bill Laswell's LP 'Method Of Defiance') (Ohm Resistance)
Badness ft Mz Bratt & Dizzel Kidd - 'Fix U Bizz' (from Mixtape 'Da Lava Continues') (Aftershock)
Meat Beat Manifesto - 'Hellfire' (Planet Mu Dubplate)
Headhunter - 'Locus Lotus' (Tempa)
Appleblim / Peverelist - 'Circling' (Skull Disco)
Cult Of The 13th Hour - 'Wickedness' (from Compilation 'Box Of Dub

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