1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009- The Breezeblock - это экспериментальное радио-шоу Mary Anne Hobbs на BBC Radio 1 (UK). Транслируется с 1997 года.
С середины 2006 года оно так и называется Mary Anne Hobbs radio 1's experimental show.-2004 год
Общее время звучания: 92:58:21

2004-01-06 - Ed DMX and Ceephax Acid Crew - Mix, The Shadowhuntaz - Live Session

Freeform Five Vs Talking Heads - 'Burnin' Down The House' (White Label)
LCD Soundsystem - 'Yeah (Crass Version)' (Output)
Viktor Vaughan - 'Sauva' (Sound Ink)
DJ Hype - 'True Playaz Vibe feat. Swazigirl and DJ Daddy ' (True-Playaz)
Wevie Stonder - 'When I Nod My Head, You Hit It' (Skam)
The Shadowhuntaz - '2020' (-)
Brothomstates - 'Rktik' (Arcola)
Coldcut - 'Atomic Moog (Cornelius Mix)' (Ninja Tune)
Superthriller - 'I'm Gonna Leave At Three So Call Me' (Mint Music)
The Shadowhuntaz - 'Gutter' (-)
Pitman - 'When Miners Attack' (Son)
Matthew Dear - 'It's Over Now' (Ghostly International)
***Headline Live Set - ED DMX and CEEPHAX ACID***
Delia Derbyshire - 'Time To Go' (Rephlex/BBC)
Computor Rockers - 'Tech-No-Rock' (Breakin)
Seymour Bits - 'Hit Me With Technology' (Breakin)
EDMX and Disco D - 'MPC Trax Mega Mix' (Breakin)
Computor Rockers - 'Green Screen' (Breakin)
Paul Blackford - '1991' (Breakin)
Bass Junkie - 'RMTS (Scratchapella)' (Breakin)
Paul Blackford - 'Dance Yourself To Death' (Breakin)
Sol_Dat - 'The Duke Arrives' (Breakin)
Mandroid - 'Instigated Monopolization' (Breakin)
Bass Junkie - 'Electro Freq' (Breakin)
Ceephax Acid Crew - 'Troon Transit' (White Label)
Ceephax Acid Crew - 'Original Byrite Material' (White Label)
Ceephax Acid Crew - 'Exide Rider' (White Label)
Ceephax Acid Crew - 'Play Your Cards Acid' (White Label)
Ceephax Acid Crew - 'Ticker Train' (White Label)
Psapp - 'About Fun' (Arable)
Telefon Tel Aviv - 'I Lied' (Hefty)
F.S. Blumm - 'Ankern' (Audiodregs)

2004-01-13 - Jimmy Edgar - Mix, Peaches - Live Session (repeat from 01 September 2003) VBR 192 kbps

DJ Food - 'Dark Lady' (Ninja Tune)
Bubba Sparxxx - 'Back In The Mud' (Polydor)
Courtney Love - 'Mono' (Virgin)
Micronauts - 'High Rise' (White label)
LCD Sound System - 'Yeah' (Output)
Datach'I - 'Fulton Bobbaface' (Planet-Mu)
Shadow Huntaz and Funckarma - 'Trenches' (Skam)
Matthew Dear - 'Fex' (Spectral Sound/Ghostly International)
Pitman - 'Witness The Pitness' (Son)
Lopazz - 'I Need You' (Output)
Frog Pocket - 'Oh, The Places You'll Go' (Benbecula)
***Headline DJ Set - JAMES EDGAR***
Iggy Pop - 'Loose Take' (False Start)
Jimmy Edgar – ‘No Static’ (Warp)
Aux 88 – ‘The Flight’ (Direct Beat)
Prince – ‘Erotic City’ (Paisley Park)
Posatronix – ‘Shake It’ (Direct Beat)
Kraftwerk – ‘Musik Non Stop’ (Kling Klang)
Model 500 – ‘Nite Drive’ (Thru Babylon)
AFX – ‘Elephant Track’ (Rephlex)
Adonis – ‘No Way Back’ (Vocal)
Jimmy Edgar – ‘Re: City Alley’ (Warp)
Kristuit Salu Vs. Morris Nightingale – ‘Dope Soft Intake’ (Merck)
Jimmy Edgar – ‘New Inbox Message’ (White)
Jimmy Edgar – ‘We'll Just Soften It A Bit’ (White)
Brothomstates - 'Rktik' (Arcola)
Peaches - 'Rocky Balboa' (-)
Big C - 'WhatÂ’s The SP? (Si Begg mix)' (No Future)
Notes - 'It's A Good Thing' (-)
Stabilizer feat Figure Of Speech - 'Lo Slung' (Plastic Raygun)
Air - 'Cherry Blossom Girl (Hope Sandoval Version)' (Virgin)
Circlesquare - 'Trancenation' (Output)

2004-01-20 - Luke Slater - Mix

***Headline DJ Set - LUKE SLATER***
Leftfield - '6/8 War' (Sony Music)
Unknown - 'Pretty Vacant' (Gigolo Records)
Control Freeks - 'Tied Up (Vox Mix)' (White Label)
Luke Slater - 'Nothing At All' (White Label)
Carl Craig - 'Rip Off' (Popero Records)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White Label)
DJ Fengari and Benjamin Sturm - 'Now A Bitch Gets Rich' (Free Music)
Jake Fairley - 'Motor' (Kompakt)
John Starlight - 'Rip It' (Television Records)
Bolz Bolz - 'Take A Walk Remixes' (Longhaul Records)
Luke Slater - 'All X-Hale' (White Label)

2004-01-27 - Air - Mix

***Headline DJ Set - AIR***
Suicide - 'Ghost Rider' (Blast First)
John Carpenter - 'Assault On Precinct 13' (Record Makers)
Air - 'Another Day' (Virgin)
Missy Elliot - 'She's A Bitch' (East West)
The Cars - 'Heartbreak City' (Elektra)
Pheonix - 'Everything Is Everywhere' (Virgin)
Johnny Cash - 'Desperado' (American)

2004-02-03 - Ammon Contact - Mix (160 kbps)

***Headline DJ Set - Ammon Contact***
Mix details to follow...
Mylo - 'Muscle Cars (Free Form Five Remix)' (Breastfed)
Hot Chip - 'Down With Prince' (Moshi Moshi)
Eagles Of Death Metal - 'I Only Want You' (Ipecac/Rekords Rekords)
Queens Of The Stone Age - 'First It Giveth (Simian Ragga Bootleg)' (White Label)
Vinny Miller - 'Bogeyeater' (4AD)
Sofalofa - 'Block N Oar' (Ai Records)
Telefon Tel Aviv - 'At The Edge Of The World, You Will Still Float' (-)

2004-02-10 - Hive and Keaton - Mix Saul Williams - Live Session (VBR 170 kbps)

Dick Dale and His Deltones - 'Misirlou' (MCA)
Jawbone - 'What's Goin' On' (White Label)
Squarepusher - 'Talk About You And Me' (Warp)
Yo Zushi - 'Unknown' (Unknown)
Man's Best Friend - 'How To Be Rich And Powerful' (Moor)
Klute - 'Gluesniffer (Hive Mix)' (Breakbeat Science)
Saul Williams - 'Foreign Tongue' (White Label)
Saul Williams - 'Untimely Meditation' (White Label)
Saul Williams - 'Robeson' (White Label)
The Mutts - 'Missing My Devil' (Fatcat)
Spektrum - 'Kinda New (Tiefswarz Vocal Remix)' (Playhouse)
Kerrier District - 'Yesco' (Rephlex)
Fonda 500 - 'The All Over Cazio Country Sound' (-)
Thavius Beck - 'Amongst The Shadows' (Mush)
***Headline DJ Set - HIVE and KEATON***
Fierce and Fresh - ''Innocence (Hive Remix)' (Quarantine)
Goldie - 'Say You Love Me' (Metalheadz)
Universal Project - 'Comin Through' (Renegade Hardware)
Keaton and Hive - 'Under Pressure' (Violence)
Pieter K - 'Temerity' (Violence)
Gridlok and Echo - 'Structure' (Violence)
Dom and Roland - 'Future Life' (Moving Shadow)
Westernisation Completed - 'REfail' (Orthlorng Musork)
Adem - 'Statued' (Domino)
Lutz Glandien - 'Four Bedrooms' (ReR)

2004-02-17 - The Bug with Warrior Queen, Mexican & Ras B - Mix

Lennie De Ice - 'We Are E' (Circa)
Basement Jaxx - 'Plug It In' (XL)
Eagles Of Death Metal - 'I Only Want You' (Ipecac/Rekords Rekords)
Shadowhuntaz - 'Trenches' (Skam)
DJ SS - 'Let It Go' (Formation)
Whitey - 'Why You Have To Be Me' (White Label)
Mekon and Bambaattaa - 'D Funktional' (Wall Of Sound)
Kool Keith - 'Don't Crush It (Hakkan Lidbo Club Mix 1)' (Tommy Boy)
Squarepusher - '50 Cycles' (Warp)
***Headline DJ Set - THE BUG***
The Loose Cannons - 'I Like It When Ya' (White Label)
Pitman - 'Girls' (Son Records)
Pendulum - 'Voyager' (Breakbeat Kaos)
Keaton - 'Bring It On ' (Violence)
DJ Tonio - 'Molecule 57' (Error 404)
Ursula Rucker - 'This' (K7)
Lutz Glandian - 'Four Bedrooms' (ReR)
Mum - 'Nightly Cares' (Fat Cat)

2004-02-24 - Matthew Dear - Mix

Rakim - 'Let the Rhyhm Hit 'Em' (Universal)
Organ Grinda - 'Muffed Up' (Tresor)
Missy Elliot - 'I'm Really Hot ' (East West)
Max Sedgley - 'Happy' (Sunday Best)
The Beta Band - 'Liquid Bird' (EMI)
Vinny Miller - 'Hastener (demo)' (4AD)
Automato - 'Focus' (Capitol)
Mylo - 'Muscle Cars' (Breast Fed)
***Headline Showcase - Ghostly International***
Lusine - 'Flap (Lusine Mix)' (Ghostly International)
Dabrye - 'Game Over' (Ghostly International)
Midwest Project - 'Rasberry Beret' (Ghostly International)
Midwest Project - 'Darling Nikki' (Ghostly International)
***Headline DJ Set - Matthew Dear***
Run Stop Restore ­ 'Geometry' (Minus)
Maurice Lamont ­ 'Where! (apoll edit)' (Tongut)
Pan/Tone ­ 'Ms. Congeniality' (Sub Static)
A Rocket in Dub ­ 'Rocket No. 4' (Italic)
The Rip Off Artist ­ 'Little Tiny 1/8' Jack (12" mix)' (Vertical Form)
John Tejada & Arian Leviste ­ 'Ramps And Rails' (Playhouse)
Apparat ­ 'Schallstrom (Thomas Fehlmann Rmx)' (Shitkatapult)
Drastic Six Clap in a Row ­ 'Salo'
Jonas Bering ­ 'Circus' (Kompakt)
The Persuader ­ 'Central Bron' (Svek)
Run Stop Restore ­ 'Corporal' (Minus)
Funkstorung featuring Tes - 'Chopping Heads' (!K7)
John B - 'Sight Beyond 2004' (Formation)
Joakim - 'Come Into My Kitchen' (Crosstown Rebels)
Whitey - 'Why You Have To Be Me' (White label)
Louis XIV - 'Louis X1V' (Demo)
Jawbone - 'Hi-De-Hi' (Demo)

2004-03-02 - Youngsters - Mix (VBR 189 kbps)

Akufen - 'New Process' (Rough Trade)
Funkstorung featuring Tes - 'Chopping Heads' (!K7)
Arcola 5 - Cane - 'Teknotest' (Arcola 5)
Pendulum - 'Voyager' (Breakbeat Kaos)
The Opus - 'Mission Control' (Mush Records)
Lutz Glandien - 'Show Tools' (ReR)
Squarepusher - '50 Cycles' (Warp)
Max Sedgley - 'Happy' (Sunday Best)
***Headline DJ Set - YOUNGSTERS***
The Youngsters - 'Confidential Music' (F-Communications)
Alex Kid - 'Come With Me (Brett Johnson Remix)' (F-Communications)
The Youngsters - 'Bendy Acid' (F-Communications)
Bjork - 'Hyperbald (Mark Bell Remix)' (One Little Indian)
The Youngsters - 'Confusion' (F-Communications)
Sasha Funke - 'Forms and Shapes' (B-Pitch Control)
Unknown - 'Think Twice' (F-Communications)
Freaks - 'Oh No Another Washing Machine' (MFF)
DJ Funk - 'House The Groove' (Dance Mania)
Halogen - 'Bliss' (Ind X)
The Youngsters - 'Wave Runner' (F-Communications)
DJ Ali - 'Its Alright' (Visitor)
The Youngsters - 'Place, Race and Face' (F-Communications)
Vinny Miller - 'Hastener (demo)' (4AD)
Art Bears - 'Ossatura' (ReR)
Mokira - 'Untitled' (Typerecords)
Matmos - 'Freak N' You' (Fatcat)
Louis XIV - 'Louis XIV' (Demo)
The Man Who Never Came Back - 'Crypticism' (African Dope)
Yo Zushi - 'A Tactict Agreement' (Demo)
Ryan Adams - 'This Is It' (Polydor)
Constantines - 'National Hum' (Sub Pop)

2004-03-09 - Mylo - Mix, Chicks On Speed - Live Session (VBR 190 kbps)

Jay-Z Feat. Foxy Brown - 'Aint No Nigga' (Rocafella)
Seymour Bits - 'Free ' (Klakson)
Edan - 'The Science of the Two ' (Lewis)
Rank Sinatra - 'Eternal Flame ' (V/VM)
Edit - 'Laundry ' (Crying Over Pros For No LP)
Hell feat. Alan Vega of Suicide - 'Listen To The Hiss ' (Motor/Gigolo)
***The Breezeblock Bomb***
The Man Who Never Came Back - 'Crypticism ' (African Dope)
Trans Am - 'Outmoder ' (Thrill Jockey)
Sex In Dallas - 'Everybody Deserves To Be F****d' (Kitty Yo)
Tim Wright, 'The Ride' (Novamute)
***Headline DJ Set - Mylo***
Earl Scroggs - 'Will The Circle Be Unbroken?' (White Label)
Capricorn - 'In Need Love ' (Inst.)
Desireless - 'Voyage Voyage ' (Epic)
Scoper and Bubba - 'Use Your Imagination ' (Glasgow Underground)
Madness - 'Cardiac Arrest ' (Loops)
Digital Tongue - 'No Way That You Can Sleep (Krikor Remix) ' (Set)
Kebekeletrik - 'Magic Fly ' (Unidisc)
FC Kahuna - 'Mindset to Cycle' (City Rockers)
Lee Hazel and Nancy Sinatra - 'Some Velvet Morning ' (White Label)
Black Strobe - 'Innerstrings ' (Output Records)
Sascha Funke - 'Now You Know ' (Bpitch Control)
Kraftwerk - 'Tour de France ' (Astralwerks)
Paul McCartney - 'Temporary Secretary ' (Parlaphone)
Chicken Lips - 'Do It Proper (Justin Robertson Remix) ' (Kingsize Records)
Kelis - 'Milkshake ' (Startrak/Artista)
Para One - 'Turtle Trouble ' (Pias)
Rick James - 'Superfreak ' (White Label)
50 Cent - 'In Da Club ' (White Label)
Eyedea And Abilities - 'Now ' (Epitaph)
A People's History Of The Dismemberment Plan - 'What Do You Want Me To Say (Drop Dynasty Remix) ' (Desoto)
Throbbing Gristle - 'Hot On The Heels Of Love (Carter Tutti Mix) ' (Novamute)
The Concretes - 'Say Something New ' (Licking Fingers)
***IN SESSION - Chicks on Speed***
Chicks On Speed - 'Shooting From The Hip ' (COS)
Chicks On Speed - 'Wordy Rappinghood' (COS)
Squarepusher - 'Abacus 2' (Warp)
Adem - 'Gone Away ' (Domino)
J's Pool - 'Piscine ' (Nature)

2004-03-16 - Squarepusher - Interview & Live Session (VBR 190 kbps)

Spektrum - 'Breaker ' (Playhouse Records)
Funkstorung with Tes - 'Chopping Heads ' (K7)
The Man Who Never Came Back - 'Cryticism' (African Dope)
Ooioo - 'Kila Kila Kila' (Thrill Jockey)
The Beta Band - 'Liquid Bird ' (Regal)
Tim Wright - 'The Ride ' (Novamute)
Shitmat - 'Rough Babylon' (Plant Mu)
***The Breezeblock Bomb***
Cursor Minor - 'The Sport of Kings' (Lo)
Subjekt - 'Be My Chicago ' (Freerange)
***Headline Set - Squarepusher***
Squarepusher - 'Unknown ' (Warp)
Al Duvall - 'Five Against One ' (V/VM)
Alex Android - 'Debil ' (Lo)
Claro Intelecto - 'Peace Of Mind ' (Ai)
Beauty Pill - 'Goodnight For Real ' (Dischord)
Motohiro Nakashima - 'Yap ' (Lo)
Mum - 'Weeping Rock Rock ' (Fat Cat)
Pil - 'Seattle ' (Virgin)

2004-03-23 - Funkstorung - Mix, Pitman - Live Session (VBR 189 kbps)

Prince - 'Darling Nikki ' (Warner Brothers)
Max Sledgley - 'Happy ' (Sunday Best)
Miss Kitten - 'Professional Distortion ' (EMI)
DJ Hell Ft. Alan Vega - 'Listen To The Hiss ' (Motor/Gigolo)
Roy Davis Jr - 'About Love (Solid Groove Remix) ' (Classic)
Passage - 'The Unstrung Harp ' (Anticon)
Westside Connection - 'Pimp The System ' (Capitol)
***The Breezeblock Bomb***
Mono Man - 'Dirty Games ' (Chronic 26)
Super Collider - 'Radianations On The Rise ' (Rise Robots Rise)
***Headline DJ Set - Funkstorung***
DJ Peabird - 'Untitled Intro ' (White Label)
Massive Attack - 'What Your Soul Sings ' (Virgin)
Prefuse 73 - 'Drum Machine, Cello, Headwrap ' (Warp)
Tes - 'Untitled Demo ' (White Label)
Bjork - 'Hidden Place ' (One Little Indian)
Funkstorung w/ Enik - 'Disconnected' (!K7)
Anti Pop Consortium - 'What Am I ' (Warp)
Moloko - 'Be Like You ' (Echo)
Lenny Kravitz - 'What The **** Are We Saying ' (Virgin)
Funkstorung - 'Cement Shoes ' (!K7)
Sonic Youth - 'Mote ' (Geffen)
Erykah Badu - '...' (Universal)
Solvent - 'Elbow Glue ' (Suction Records)
Doseone - 'Civilization ' (Mush)
Tes - 'Trigga Da Whistla ' (White Label)
Barry Adamson - 'Whispering Streets (Funkstorung Remix) '
Nikka Costa - 'Like A Feather' (White Label)
Riow Arai - 'Break Literacy ' (Matador)
Funkstorung w?Tes - 'Chopping Heads ' (!K7)
Cypress Hill - 'Insane In The Brain ' (Ruffhouse)
Wu-Tang Clan - 'Reunited (DJ Peabird Remix) ' (Loud)
In A Rush - 'A Randon Access' (White Label)
Beans - 'Win Or Lose YouiLose ' (Warp)
Sonic Sum - 'Rocket ' (White Label)
Funkostorung w/Sonic Sum - 'Mr. Important ' (White Label)
AFX - 'Knievel' (White Label)
Prince - 'Kiss ' (White Label)
Funkstorung - 'Moonaddicted' (!K7)
Daedalus - 'Something Bells ' (Plug Research)
Kid 606 - 'Flutter ' (Fatcat)
Edan – ‘The Science Of Two’ (Lewis)
***Live In Session - Pitman***
Vinny Miller- 'Hogbreath Busts A Move' (4AD)
CocoRosie – ‘By Your Side’ (Touch & Go)
Timothy Leary- ‘The Psychedelic Experience (spoken word)’ (Locust)
Robert Lippock- 'Holler' (Monika)

2004-03-30 - Adem - Live at Maida Vale, Beans - Live Session, Trans Am & Mogwai - ATP Preview (VBR 189 kbps)

Gang Of Four - 'I've Found That Essence ' (White Label)
Tiga - 'Pleasure From The Bass ' (Pias)
The Lovers - 'Sex Club (Pipes and Slippers Mix) ' (Dirt)
The Animal Collective - 'Sweet Road ' (Fatcat)
DR Rockitt - 'How Do You Do ' (Accidental)
Sex In Dallas - 'Everybody Wants To Be F****d ' (Kitty-Yo)
***The Breezeblock Bomb***
Avril - 'Be Yourself ' (F Comm)
Puppetmastaz - 'Golden Centre (Lowrider Unicorn Version Ricardo Prosetti ' (Make Some Noise)
Alter Ego - 'Gate 23 (Lost On Arrival) ' (Klang)
Darqwan - 'Three Note Blue ' (Hospital)
***Exclusive Tracks Live From All Tomorrows Parties***
Trans Am Live - 'Positive People ' (Thrill Jockey)
Trans Am Live - 'Outmoder ' (Thrill Jockey)
Busdriver and Radioinactive with Daedalus - 'Pens Oil ' (Mush Records)
Madvillain - 'Shadows Of Tomorrow ' (Stones Throw)
Murcof - 'Ulysees (Fax Mix)' (Leaf)
***Adem Live in Session ***
Adem - 'Statued ' (Domino)
Adem - 'Ringing In My Ear ' (Domino)
Adem - 'These Are Your Friends' (Domino)
Lloop - 'Bbulbs ' (Agriculture)
Prince Vs Funkstorung - 'Kiss / Moonaddicted ' (White Label)
Spektrum - 'Freefall ' (Playhouse)
***Live In Session - Beans***
Beans - 'Win Or Lose You Lose ' (Warp)
Beans - 'Nude Paper ' (Warp)
Bonie Prince Billy - 'No More Workhouse Blues ' (Domino)
*** Live From All Tomorrows Parties - Mogwai***
Mogwai Live - '2 Rights ' (Rock Action)

2004-04-06 - Generation Dub with MCs - Mix, Mugison - Live Session, Kid 606 - ATP Preview (VBR 144 kbps)

Beastie Boys - 'Shake Your Rump' (Grand Royal)
Avril - 'Be Yourself' (Fcomm)
Fresh - 'Floodlight' (Breakbeat Kaos)
Busdriver and Radioinactive with Daedalus- 'Carl Weathers' (Mush)
M83 - 'America' (Labels)
The Rotating Assembly - 'Melt' (Sound Signature)
Boom-bip - 'The Unthinkable feat. Buck65 (Venetian Snares Remix)’ (Lex)
Dead Pres - 'Radio Freq' (Sony Music)
Spoonface - 'Ends (Dirt Remake)' (Dirt Records)
LIVE ON THE BREEZEBLOCK: Generation Dub and MC Biggy
Ghost People - 'Influx' (Formation)
Generation Dub - 'Deliverance' (Formation)
Roni Size - 'Fassy Hole' (V Records)
Generation Dub - 'Puppet Master' (Formation)
Zen - 'Afterparty' (Reformed)
Tali - 'Lyric On My Lip (Clipz Remix)' (Full Cycle)
White Label (Sign)
Surge - 'Bounce That Bass' (Full Cycle)
Twisted Individual - 'World Of Music Remix' (Back 2 Basics)
DJ SS - 'Stress Related' (Formation)
Generation Dub - 'Hawaii 5 - 0' (Propaganda)
DJ SS - 'Anger Management' (Formation)
DJ Zen - 'Showt Me' (Reformed)
Shy FX - 'No.1' (Ebony)
Generation Dub - 'Loot Tying' (Propaganda)
Generation Dub - 'Atomic' (Reformed)
Bandmarsh - 'Signs (Calibre remix)' (Outkast)
Generation Dub - 'Weird Science' (Formation)
Calibre - 'Highlander' (Signature)
Hive - 'Last Call' (Tru Playaz)
Puppetmastaz - 'Golden Centre (Lowrider Unicorn Version Ricardo Prosetti)' (Make Some Noise)
Unknown - 'Drum n' Bass Generation' (Demo)
Live From All Tomorrow's Parties:
KID 606 (Tigerbeat6)
Mugison - 'Sea Y' (Lifelike)
Tortoise - 'Crest' (Thrill Jockey)

2004-04-13 - DJ Hell - Mix (VBR 151 kbps)

Prince - 'Musicology ' (Columbia)
Moving Fushion and Shimon - 'Mysterons ' (Ram)
Felix a Housecat - 'What She Wants ' (Emperor Norton)
The Animal Collective - 'Leaf House ' (Fat Cat)
Miss Kitten - 'Professional Distortion ' (Novamute)
***The Breezeblock Bomb***
Hakan Lidbo - 'Clockwise ' (Shitkatapult)
Spoonface - 'Ends (Dirt Remake) ' (Dirt Records)
Avril - 'Be Yourself (Broadcast Mix) ' (F Comm)
Subjekt - 'Be My Chicago ' (Freerange)
***Headline DJ Set - DJ Hell***
Spektrum - 'Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Mix) ' (Playhouse)
Alexkid - 'Come With Me (Tiga Remix) ' (F Comm)
Hacker and Caretta - 'Moscow and Reise ' (Goodlife)
Tiefschwarz - 'Ghost Track (Bl' (Four Music)
Alter Ego - 'Rocker ' (Klang Electronik)
DJ Koze - 'Das Geknuppel Geht Weiter ' (Kompakt)
The Rapture - 'Sistor Saviour (Tiefschwarz Remix) ' (Output)
Chromeo - 'Destination:Overdrive (DFA Mix) ' (Turbo)
DJ T - 'Freemind ' (Get Physical)
Spektrum - 'Freefall ' (White Label)
Prince Po Ft Jemini and Rell - 'Hold Dat ' (Lex)
Theo Parrish - 'Serengeti Echoes ' (Ubliquity)
Max Waters - 'Sunshine Daylight ' (Blase)
Max De Wardener - 'Luster ' (Accidental)
Two Lone Swordsmen - 'The Valve ' (Warp)
Danny C - 'Feel ' (Metalheadz)

2004-04-20 - Tiga - Mix Jawbone - Live Session (VBR 148 kbps)

Primal Scream - 'If They Move Kill Em (Kevin Shields Mix) ' (Creation)
Mylo - 'Guilty Of Love ' (Breastfed)
Miss Kitten - 'Requiem For A Hit ' (Nova Mute)
Dave Clarke - 'Just Ride ' (Skint)
***The Breezeblock Bomb***
Traject - 'Chkal' (Spezial Material)
Jay Z - '99 Problem ' (Roc A Fella)
Cex - 'Kill Me ' (Jade Tree)
Automato - 'The Single ' (Labels)
Global Goon - 'Glory B' (J-Hok Records)
***Headline DJ Set- Tiga***
68 Reverso - 'Untitled (Headman Mix) ' (Relish TP)
Panash - 'Jack 2 Jack (Jesper Dahlback Remix) ' (Turbo Recordings)
Tiga - 'Pleasure From The Bass ' (PIAS Recordings)
Peaches - 'Shake Your Dix ' (XL Recordings)
DK7 - 'Leave The Slipstream' (Output TP)
Petr Dove - 'Burning Down The House ' (Acetate)
Cari Lekebusch - 'Shaded (Jesper Dahlback Remix) ' (Truesoul)
Schneider TM - 'Margo ' (Earsugar)
Madvillan - 'America's Most Blunted ' (Stones Throw)
Califone - 'Trick Bird ' (Thrill Jockey)
***Live in Session - Jawbone***
Jawbone - '4-11-44' (Peel Session)
Jawbone - 'Hi De Hi ' (Peel Session)
Jem Finer and Andrew Kotting - 'My Mother Killed Me ' (El Rino)
PJ Harvey - 'The Letter ' (Island)
Infinite Lives - 'The Adventures Of The Lactating Man ' (Big Dada)
Beige - 'Explosions' (Handle With Care)
Kabuki Ft. Fat John - 'Lizard ' (Combination Records)

2004-04-27 - Mum - Interview & Mix, Animal Collective - Live Session (VBR 189 kbps)

Column One - 'No Limits To The Imagination' (Alice In Wonder)
Outkast - 'Spread (Danny S Bootleg)' (Arista)
Pet - 'Snooze (Mister 9 Volt's Remix)' (Gronland)
Cyne - 'Growing' (City Centre Offices)
Shadowhuntaz - 'Fasho' (Skam)
***The Breezeblock Bomb***
Dillinja - 'All The Things' (Valve)
J-Kwon - 'Tipsy' (Arista)
Nobody - 'Porpoise Song' (Ubiquity)
***Live In Session – Animal Collective***
Animal Collective - 'Winter's Song' (Fat Cat)
***Headline DJ Set - Mum***
Town and Country - 'Thrill' (White)
Coleen - 'Good Morning Sunshine' (Leaf)
Semi Conductor - 'Minimal' (Semi Conductor)
Hungarian Folk Songs - 'Kesergio Verbunkos Es Friss' (Globus)
Nobubazu Tabemura - 'Mahou No Hiroba' (Bubblecore)
Monsieur Mo Rio - 'Click et Crague' (Funcky Label)
Tahiti Multicolore - 'Na Te Moama' (AZ)
Anne Hamburg - 'Unknown' (Tomblab)
Niola - 'Lalu Lalu' (Tomblab)
Shady Grove Ramblers - 'Ghost Rider' (Grove)
The Books – S is for Everysing (Tomblab)
The Bag of Toys – ‘Sleepner’ (Kill Me Quick)
Chinese Horns - ‘Unknown’ (Man chi)
Notwist – ‘Lichter 1’ (Alien Transistor)
TV On the Radio – ‘Staring At The Sun’ (Touch and Go)
Petter – ‘Modern Eternity’ (Border Community)
Rob Sonic – ‘Dyslexia’ (Def Jux)
DIJF Saunders – ‘Babysitters Zen Moment’ (Dub)
***Live In Session – Animal Collective***
Animal Collective – ‘Sleeper Factory’ (Fat Cat)
Animal Collective - ‘Doggie’ (Fat Cat)
Polly Harvey – ‘The Desperate Kingdom of Love’ (Universal)
Avril – ‘Power’ (F:Comm)
Prince – ‘Call My Name’ (Columbia)

2004-05-04 - James Cotton - Mix, Edan - Live Session (VBR 191 kbps)

Sizzla - 'Bun Dem Turf' (Greensleeves)
Dynamite MC feat Elephant Man - 'Pressure' (White)
Tim Wright - 'Killergod' (Novamute)
Asa-Chang - 'Parlour' (Leaf)
Kid 606 - 'Yr Inside The Smallest Rave on Earth' (Very Friendly)
Miss Kittin - 'Soundtrack of Now' (Novamute)
The Beastie Boys - 'Ch-Check It Out' (Capitol)
Climber - 'Different (Intro)' (Botanica Del Jibaro)
**Edan Live In Session**
TV On The Radio - 'The Wrong Way' (9XL)
!!! - 'Pardon My Freedom' (Warp)
**Headline Live Set - James Cotton**
Culture Cruncher - 'Bittersweet Superstar' (White)
Kings Of Convenience - 'Misread' (Source)
Califone - 'Trick Bird' (Thrill Jockey)
Mike Ladd - 'Perversions' (!K7)
Juana Molina - 'Martin Ferrio' (Domino)
Daedalus - 'Snowed In' (Plug Research)

2004-05-11 - Tess & Raydon - Live Session, Jaylib - Live Session (VBR 189 kbps)

Funkadelic - 'Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll) (LP - One Nation Under A Groove)' (Charly Groove)
Gonzalez - 'Futurism Ain't Shit To Me (LP - Futurism Ain't Shit To Me)' (Kitty-Yo)
Wagon Christ - 'Sorry I Make You Lush (LP - Sorry I Make You Lush)' (Ninja Tune)
The Loose Canons - 'I Like It When Ya (Mark Ronson Remix)' (Island)
Fabrice Lig - 'In My Arms (LP - My 4 Stars)' (Kanzleramt)
Beastie Boys - 'Ch-Check It Out' (Parlophone)
Dice Raw - 'I Do What I Like (LP - True Notes Vol 1)' (Rapster)
Signs Of The Zodiac - 'Taurus' (White)
**Live In Session: Tes**
Live In Session: Tes - 'Sally Watts'
Live In Session: Tes - 'Fooltime'
Live In Session: Tes - 'Big Shots'
Live In Session: Tes - 'Say When'
Serge Gainsbourg - 'Say When' (Mercury)
Live In Session: Tes - 'New New York'
Live In Session: Tes - 'Windowlicker Freestyle'
Aphex Twin - 'Windowlicker' (Warp)
Global Goon - 'You Set My Face On Fire (LP - Family Glue)' (J-Hok)
Soulwax - 'New York Excuse' (White)
RJD2 - 'One Day (LP - Since We Last Spoke)' (Def Jux)
Jaylib - 'McNasty Filth' (Stones Throw)
**Live In Session: Jaylib**
Jaylib - 'Champion Sound' (Stones Throw)
Jaylib - 'The Red' (Stones Throw)
Jaylib - 'Survival Test' (Stones Throw)
Daedalus - 'One Breath To Breathe' (Laboratory Instinct)
Home Video - 'Dialogue Box' (Warp)
Radiohead – Scatterbrain (Fourtet remix) (EMI)
Traject Path - 'Path' (Spezial Material)
Iron - 'Naked As We Came' (Sub Pop)
Andy + Joey - 'You're Wondering Now (LP - Studio One Ska)'

2004-05-18 - Youngblood Brass Band - Live Session, Knifehandchop - Live PA, Jaylib - Live Session (VBR 186 kbps)

The Slits - 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine (LP - Cut)' (Island)
Tim Wright - 'Killergod (LP - Thirst)' (Novamute)
Passage - 'Whine Money (LP - The Forcefield Kids)' (Anticon)
Dillinja - 'Forsaken Dreams ' (Valve)
**The Breezeblock Bomb**
Bjork - 'Hyperballad' (One Little Indian)
Kid606 feat. Sue Cie - 'Ladies (LP - Who Still Kill Sound)' (Very Friendly/Tigerbeat6)
Jack Haberfield - 'Through The Looking Glass' (Ichiboo)
Josh Martinez - 'Theories (LP - Buck Up Princess)' (Bella Union)
**Live in Session: Knifehandchop**
'Tizzy Tixbown Riddim' (Tigerbeat6)
'Return To Form' (Tigerbeat6)
'Outside' (Tigerbeat6)
'Goin' Back To Scarborough' (Tigerbeat6)
'Hooked On Ebonics' (Irritant)
'Bounty Killer Killer ' (Irritant)
'Bounty Killer Killer (Mecha-Knifehandchop remix)' (Tigerbeat6)
The Golden Virgins - 'Light In Her Window (LP - Songs of Praise)' (XL)
!!! - 'Hello? Is This Thing On? (LP - Louden Up Now)' (Warp)
Mylo - 'Guilty Of Love (LP - Destroy Rock and Roll)' (Breastfed)
Justice vs Gambit - 'Steamulation (LP - Adam Freeland Fabric Live 16)' (Edbanger)
**Live In Session: Youngblood Brass Band**
'Diaspora' (In Session)
'Culture:Envy Culture:' (In Session)
Felix Da Housecat - 'Devin Dazzle (LP - Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever)' (Ryko)
Spektrum - 'Breaker (Broken Album Edit) (LP - Enter The Spektrum)' (Playhouse)
**Live In Session: Jaylib**
Hu Vibrational - 'Sunkissed (Daedalus Remix)' (Soul Jazz)
RJD2 - 'One Day (LP - Since We Last Spoke)' (Def Jux)

2004-05-25 - F-Comm 10th Birthday Special: Avril - Mix, Coco Rosie - Live Session, PJ Harvey - Live Session (VBR 184 kbps)

ean Michel Jarre- 'Oxygene 2' (Polydor) LP - 'Oxygene'
Logistics- 'Together' (Hospital) 12"
Jentina- 'Bad Ass Strippa (Radioslave Remix Featuring Cham)' (Virgin)
Vast Aire- 'WhysDaSkyBlue?' (Chocolate Industries) LP 'Look Mom... No Hands'
Oliver Ho- 'Changing' ( Meta ), LP 'The Soft Machine'
Prince Po feat. Raekwon- 'The Bump Bump' (Lex) LP 'The Slickness'
The Earlies- 'The Devil's Country' (Names)
Orbital- 'You Lot' (Orbital Music) LP 'Blue Album'
Avril - 'Be Yourself' (FCom)
Alexkid- 'Come With Me' (FCom)
Avril- 'French Kiss' (FCom)
** Avril Mix **
Gil Scott -Heron- 'The Bottle' (Arista/TVT)
Sharko- 'Artist' (Mange-Tout)
Colder- 'Crazy Love' (Output)
Avril- 'Be Yourself' (FCom)
Ben 's Sympiotic Orchestra- 'Song From An Unknown Film' (Microbe)
Avril- 'Room' (FCom)
The Beatles- 'Because' (Parlophone)
The Film- 'Can You Trust Me' ( Koffee Beatz )
Telex- 'Rendez-Vous Dans L'Espace ' ( Morgan Geist Remix) (Crammed Discs)
Alex Gopher- ' Gordini Mix (Brakes On Mix) (Solid)
Michel Legrand- 'They Simply Fade Away' (Prism)
Glenn Campbell- 'By The Time I Get To Phoenix ' (Capitol)
Kidz With Toys- 'A2r' (White) LP - Too Cool for School
Squarepusher- 'Venus No 17' (Warp )
Nouvelle Vague- 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' (Peacefrog) EP 'Nouvelle
Coco Rosie- ‘Candyland’ (Touch and Go)
Coco Rosie- ‘Left Hand Shoe’ (Touch and Go)
Detroit Grand Pubahs- 'God Imposters' (Poker Flat) LP 'Galactica Creatures From Uranus'
PJ Harvey- The Letter (Peel Session)

2004-05-31, 06-01 Tim Wright + Toastie Taylor - Live at Maida Vale, DJ Fresh - Mix Live at Maida Vale (VBR 186 kbps)

Michael Gray- 'The Weekend' (White)
Josh Martinez - 'Another Day' (LP- Buck Up Princess) (BellaUnion)
Avril - 'Power’ (LP- 'Members Only) (F Comm)
Shystie Vs Two Lone Swordsmen- 'Step Back'
Diverse- 'Blindman (Low Budget Mix)’ (LP- Urban Renewal Programme) (Chocolate Industries)
Cass & Tom Mangan - 'I Know You Know' (Wall Of Sound)
Sharkey feat. Cannibal Ox - 'Fuzz' (Babygrande)
Tim Wright- ‘Kick The Door In’ (Novamute)
Tim Wright- ‘Control Freak’ (Novamute)
Tim Wright- ‘The Ride’ (Novamute)
Tim Wright- ‘Oxygen’ (Novamute)
Tim Wright- ‘Going Down’ (Novamute)
Tim Wright- ‘Searcher’ (Novamute)
Dillinja - 'In The Grind' (Valve)
Method Man and Missy Elliot - 'Say What' (LP- The Prequel) (Def Jam)
Dynamite MC featuring Elephantman - 'Pressure' (Strong)
Vast Aire- 'Why Da Sky So Blue?' (LP - Look Mum... No Hands) (Chocolate Industries)
Diverse featuring RJD2 & Lyrics Born- 'Explosive (Caural Mix)' (Chocolate Industries)

2004-06-08 - RJD2 - Mix, Cursor Miner - Live Session (VBR 191 kbps)

Orbital- 'You Lot' (Orbital) (LP - 'The Blue Album')
D-Bridge- 'Original World' (Exit) (12")
Aquasky Vs Fraser- 'Livin' In The UK ' (White)
Eclat and Prudo- 'Califuria Uber Alles' (MFF) (12")
Seaming- 'Vertigo Billy' (White)
Ratatat and Missy Elliot- 'Hot' (White) (LP - 'Ratatat Remixes Mixtape Vol 1')
RJD2- 'One Day' (Def Jux) (LP - 'Since We Last Spoke')
RJD2- 'Act 2' (White)
Weathermen- '5 Left In The Clip' (White)
Volume 10- 'Pistol Grip Pump' (White)
Jethro Tull- 'Cross Eyed Mary' (White)
Diverse- 'Big Game' (White)
Diverse- 'Wylin' Out' (White)
RJD2- 'Rain' (White)
RJD2- 'Good Times Roll' (White)
Double Trouble- 'Steep Rap' (White)
RJD2- 'To All Of You' (White)
RJD2- 'Someone's 2nd Kiss' (White)
1976- 'Remix' (White)
Massive Attack remix/Eric B & Rakim- 'Follow The Leader' (White)
RJD2- 'Smoke and Mirrors' (Polyphonic Spree remix) (White)
Wagon Christ- 'Shadows' (Ninja Tune) (LP - 'Sorry I Make You Lush')
Soulwax- 'New York Excuse' (White)
Marco Bailey- 'Elektrik Mekanik' (NEWS) (LP - 'Rudeboy')
Detroit Grand Pubas- 'The Clapper' (Poker Flat) (LP - 'Galactic Ass Creatures From Uranus')
Cursor Miner - 'Grilling The Cheese' (White)
Cursor Miner - 'War Machine' (White)
Cursor Miner - 'Hunks of Metal' (White)
Cursor Miner - 'Every Moment Of It' (White)
Cursor Miner - 'Frigate' (White)
Cursor Miner - 'Danceflaw' (White)
Cursor Miner - 'Electric Forest' (White)
Cursor Miner - 'Hair of the Dog' (White)
Syndrone- 'Cessation; Summation' (Merck) (LP - 'Salmataxia')

2004-06-15 - Orbital - Interview & Records, To Rococo Rot - Live Session (VBR 190 kbps)

Slick Rick- 'Let's Get Crazy' (Def Jam) (LP- The Great Adventures Of...)
Future Cut- 'Ghetto Style (Evol Intent Mix)' (Renegade Hardware) (12")
The House Of Fix feat. Circa- 'Lust Pellets' (Fix) (12")
Ark and Krikor- 'Krikor Merchant' (Katapult) (12")
Meat Beat Manifesto feat. DJ Collage on the mic- 'Echo In Space Dub (Album Version)' (Tino Corp) (12")
Hakan Lidbo- 'Tuffa Pojkar' (SWR) (12")
Lady Sovereign- 'Shhhh' (White) (12")
Zinc- 'Flim' (Bingo Beats) (12")
Orbital- 'You Lot' (Orbital) (LP- The Blue Album)
Orbital- 'Funny Break' ( London ) (LP- The Altogether)
Orbital- ' Out There Somewhere Part II' (Internal)
Orbital- 'Chime' (ffrr) (LP- The Green Album)
Marl Chingus- 'Moaning About Technology' (F Comm)
The Beastie Boys- 'We Got The' (Parlophone) (LP- To The 5 Boroughs)
The Prodigy- 'Girls' (XL) (12")
Madlib Remix - 'Unknown' (Chocolate Industries)
The Album Leaf - 'Another Day' (City Slang) (LP- In A Safe Place )
Murcof- 'Ultimatum' (Leaf) (LP- Utopia)
To Rococo Rot- 'Carpets'
Diverse- 'Jus Biz' (Chocolate Industries) (12")
Vessel- 'Kerna' (Expanding)

2004-06-22 - Sonar Festival Special: Max Tundra, Prince Po, Fourtet, Juana Molina - Live Sessions (VBR 201 kbps)

Dillinja- 'Intro' (Valve) (LP- My Sound)
Dynamite MC- 'Gold' (Strong Records) (LP- World Of Dynamite)
Amon Tobin- 'Chronic Tonic' (Ninja) (LP- Recorded Live)
Prodigy- 'Girls' (XL) (12")
Syndrone- 'Pan_lc' (Merck) (LP- Salmataxia)
Tim Wright- (Session Track)
P.Cam- 'Traum v5' (Salz Remix) (Traum Schallplatten) (LP- Tour De Traum)
*** SONAR 2004 SPECIAL ***
Max Tundra- 'Lysine' (Domino)
Prince Po- 'Unknown' (Lex)
Fourtet- 'Unknown' (Domino)
DJ Shadow- Stem' ( Island ) (LP- In Tune And On Time)
Daedalus- 'Going Incognito' (Laboratory Instinct) (LP- A Gent Agent)
M.I.A.- 'Galang' (Session Track)
Radio 4- 'Party Crashers' (City Slang)
High Contrast- 'Persistence of Memory' ( London Elektricity)
The Go Team- 'The Power Is On' ( Memphis Industries)
Mike Ladd- 'Wild Day Out' (!k7) (LP- Nostalgiator)
***SONAR 2004 SPECIAL***
Juana Molina- 'Martin Fierro' (Domino)
Juana Molina- 'El Pastor Mentiroso' (Domino)
Juana Molina- 'El Desconfiado' (Domino)
Juana Molina - 'Amigo (A. Franov)' (Domino)
Juana Molina- 'Misterio Uruguayo' (Domino)
Juana Molina- 'Salvese Quien Pueda' (Domino)
Juana Molina- 'El Cristal' (Domino)

2004-06-29 - Dave Clarke - Mix Live at Glastonbury (VBR 202 kbps)

The Stranglers- 'Grip 89' (EMI) (LP- Peaches The Best Of )
Vitalic- 'La Rock' (Gigolo Germany ) (EP- Poney)
Mocky- 'You're Mockin' Me' (Fine) (LP- Are + Be)
Soulwax- 'Any Minute Now' (PIAS)
Earl Zinger- 'Micshorts' (!K7) (12")
Kid Acne- 'Radio Music' (Invisible Spies) (LP- Council Pop)
Cari Lekebusch- 'Shaded (Jesper Dahlback remix)' (Truesoul) (12")
DI_Indicator- 'Generally Please' (Kanzleramt) (12")
Lali Puna- 'Micronomic (Boom Bip remix)' (Morr Music)
Superpitcher- 'Tomorrow (Kaito remix) (Kompact) (LP- Kompact 100)
Mike Ladd- 'Afrotastic' (!K7) (LP- Nostalgialator)
Max Tundra- 'MB Gate' (Domino)
Meat Beat Manifesto- 'Echo In Space Dub (Album Version)' (Tino Corp) (12")
Diplo feat. MartinaTopley Bird- 'Into The Sun' (Big Dada) (LP- Florida)
DJ Shadow- 'Drums of Death' (Universal) (LP- In Tune and On Time)
Unknown- 'Unknown' (Eastern Developments)
Felix Da Housecat- 'Devin Dazzle' (Ryko) (LP- Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever)
Mr. Projectile- 'You Need' (Merck) (LP- Sinking)
Wide Open Cage- 'Toy's Factory' (Expressillon) (LP- Woebegone Lullabies)

2004-07-06 - Soundmurderer vs. Earl 16 & Brother Culture - Mix Live (VBR 200 kbps)

Rock Master Scott and The Dynamic Three- 'Request Line' (White Label)
Max Sedgley- 'Happy' (Sunday Best)
Whitey- 'Just Another Animal' (1234) (12")
Two Lone Swordsmen- 'Sex Beat' (Warp) (LP- Double Gone Chapel)
Jerry Abstract- 'Grittin'' (Musick) (12")
Trio***Exclusiv- 'San Fran' (Patrick Pulsinger remix) (Universal)
David Caretta- 'Vicious Game' (Lectroluv) (LP- Lectroluv 5)
Kid Acne- 'Hooligan 78' (Twockers Delight mix) (Invisible Spies)
Drumsound and Bassline Smith- 'Reverence' (Trouble On Vinyl)
2 Bad Mice- '2 Bad Mice Take You' (Moving Shadow) (LP- 10th Anniversary Special)
Soundmurderer & sk-1 - Whowanseekwar (White)
Dj ss - Black Vip (White)
Shy fx - Who Run Tings (White)
Kemet Crew - 14 (White)
Dizzy b & Ruffkut - Return (White)
Dj Nut Nut - Special Dedication (White)
Enforcers 10 (White)
Paradox - A Certain Sound (White)
Paradox - Nostalgia (White)
Paradox - Deep Sleep (White)
Paradox - New statement (White)
J Majik - Your Sound (White)
Dj Krust - Burning (White)
Dj Gunshot - Wheel U p (White)
Press the Trigger (White)
Tek 9 - Pushing Back remix (White)
Cycheouts (White)
Soundmurderer & Sk-1 - Bad Sound (White)
Kemet - Champion Jungle Sound (White)
Leviticus - Burial (White)
Actress- 'Mentor' (Werk) (LP- Werk One)
Strobe- 'Sub Focus' (Ram) (LP- Ram Raiders Vol 6)
Ricardo Villalobos- 'Dexter' (Two Lone Swrdsmen remix) (Playhouse)
Genaro-'Catch The Rainbow' (Benbecula)
Black Dice- 'Night Flight' (Fatcat) (LP- Creature Comforts)
Mandarin- 'Shadow Your Shadow' (Bella Union) (LP- Fast>Future>Present)
Diplo- 'It's All Part Of A Bigger Plan' (Big Dada) (LP- Florida)
Apparat- 'Riding' (Neo Ouija) (EP- Shape Modes)

2004-07-13 - Japanese Special: Mu - Live Session, Ken Ishii - Mix Live at The Liquid Rooms (VBR 198 kbps)

Yoshinori Sunahara- 'Information of TUA' (Bungalow) (LP- Take Off And Landing)
Polysics- 'New Wave Jacket' (Ki/oon)
Why Sheep- 'Clouds #757 (Ver. Ei-1)' (Third Ear)
Afropolice- 'MFA' (Breakin') (LP- Breakacode)
DJ 100000000- 'Sukebe' (Ad Aad At) (7")
Clamm-bon- 'Tourist On The Mirai' (White) (LP- Imagination)
Bambi Synapse- 'Moonhaus' (Green)
Mu- 'Tiger Bastard' (Session Track)
Mu- 'Paris Hilton' (Session Track)
L.I.D.- 'Miko' (Third Ear)
Nobukazu Takemura- 'Falls Lake' (Thrill Jockey) (LP- 10th)
DJ Krush feat. Mr Lif- 'Nosferatu' (Columbia) (LP- Jaku)
Neutrino- 'R.S.' (Mush)
Ken Ishii- 'Future In Light' (Session Track)
Ken Ishii- 'Iceblink' (Session Track)
Ken Ishii- 'Bugged-In Fusion' (Session Track)
Ken Ishii- 'Misprogrammed Day' (Session Track)
Ken Ishii- 'Awakening' (Session Track)
Ken Ishii- 'Auburnia' (Session Track)
Ken Ishii- 'Butter Bump Blaster' (Session Track)
Ken Ishii- 'Circular Percussions' (Session Track)
Yuichiro Fujimoto- 'The Book' (Smalltown Supersound) (LP- Komorebi)
UNKLE- 'The Knock' (White)
Songuarehouse- '506-001' (Progressive Form) (12")
Asa-Chang and Junray- 'Senaka feat. Kyoko Koizumi' (Leaf) (EP- Tsu Gi Ne Pu)
Sketch Show- 'Chronograph' (Third Ear) (LP- Loophole)

2004-07-20 - Plaid & Freq Nasty - Live at Glade Festival, Murs - Live Session (VBR 196 kbps)

Daft Punk- 'Revolution 909' (Virgin) (LP- Homework)
Simian Mobile Disco- 'The Count' (White)
Mocky feat Feist- Just Need Time' (Fine) (LP- Are + Be)
Fat Hed- 'Hey Hey Hey' (Dope) (LP- Night Train To Babble On)
The Bug feat. Warrior Queen- 'Aktion Pak' (Rephlex)
Atom- 'White Car' (Third Ear)
J-Zone feat Celph Titled- '$poiled Rotten' (Old Maid Ent)
The Pixies- 'Bam Thwok' (White)
Wink- '516 Acid (Ascii Disco Mix' (Ovum)
Chris McCormack- 'We Are The Invaders' (Electrix)
Plaid- 'NFX' (Live track)
Plaid- 'Stills' (Live track)
Plaid- 'Awotm' (Live track)
Murs- 'Walk Like A Man' (Session track)
Murs- '3:16' (Session track)
Homelife- 'A Casa' (Ninja Tune)
Jahbitat- 'Durazno' (Botanica Del Jibaro)
Murs- 'Walk Like A Man' (Session track)
Murs- '3:16' (Session track)
Erast- 'Argentina' (Laboratory Instinct)

2004-07-27 - Diplo - Mix, Eyedea And Abilitiese - Live Session (VBR 208 kbps)

Innerstance- 'Abuse Of The Spoken Word' (Wobblyhead)
Superdiscount- 'Fast Track' (PIAS) (10")
The Bug- 'Aktion Pak' (Rephlex) (12")
De Falla- 'Popozuda Rock N Roll' (Essay) (LP- Favela Booty Beats)
Black Strobe- 'The Abwehr Disco' (Output) (LP- Channel 3)
Jammin- 'Go DJ (remix)' (Bingo) (12")
Milanese- 'Malleable' (Warp) (EP)
Sirius Mo- 'Immer Wieder' (Grandpetrol) (LP- Bungalow)
The Knife- 'Heartbeats (Rex The Dog Remix)' (Rabid) (12")
Awol One- 'Believe' (Paladin) (LP- Self Titled)
Kraftwerk- 'Tour De France' (EMI)
Diplo- 'Diplo Rhythm' (Big Dada)
Os Carracos- 'Bochecha Ardendo' (Link)
Dead Prez- 'Hell Yeah' (Columbia)
TV On The Radio- 'Staring At The Sun' ( Touch And Go)
Weezer- 'Into The Sun' (Big Dada)
Weezer- 'Say It Ain't So' (Geffen)
Youngbloodz- 'Damn' (Laface)
Lil Flip- 'Game Over' (Sony)
Radiohead- 'Sit Down, Shut Up' (Capitol)
Notorious BIG- 'Deadwrong' (Instrumental) (Bad Boy)
Lady May- 'Round Up' (Arista)
Kelis & Andre 3000- 'Millionaire' (Startrack)
Arti & Mestieri- 'Sapir Sentir' (Cramps)
Kirk DiGiorgio- 'Luca's Smile' (Versatile) (LP- Versatile Mixtape)
Pantytec- 'Micromission' (Perlon) (EP- Pony Slaystation)
Mandarin- 'Shadow Your Shadow' (Bella Union) (LP- Fast>Future>Present)
Innerstance.Beatbox- 'Quelle Heure Est-Il?' (Wobblyhead)
David Sylvian/Ryuichi Sakamoto- 'World Citizen- I Won't Be Disappointed' (Samadhisound)
Low- 'Peanut Butter Toast and American Bandstand' (Rough Trade)

2004-08-04 - Liam Howlett (The Prodigy) - Interview & Records (VBR 201 kbps)

Pharoahe Monch- 'Simon Says' (Rawkus) (12")
Shimon & Andy C- 'Lock Down' (Ram) (LP- Shimon Presents Ram Raiders The Mix)
Spinks vs Kalbata- 'Contact Jerusalem' (Buffalo Frequency)
Heat Sensor- 'Unknown' (Sound Ink) (EP- Touch)
Bjork- 'The Pleasure Is Mine' (One Little Indian)(LP- Medulla)
Radio 4- 'Absolute Affirmation (Si Begg's Instrumental Club Mix)' (City Slang)(LP- Stealing From A Nation)
Swami- 'Desi Rock' (Envy/Roma) (LP- Desi Rock)
DJ System D- 'Here's The Power' (Intercom) (12")
Jammin- 'Uptalkin (Remix)' (Bingo) (12")
Prodigy- 'Hotride' (XL) (LP- Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned)
Prodigy- 'Wake Up Call' (XL) (LP- Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned)
Prodigy- 'Action Radar' (XL) (LP- Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned)
Milanese- 'Iacon' (Warp) (EP- 1 Up)
Smash TV- 'Queen Of Men (Kiki Remix)' (Bpitch Control) (12")
Dead Combo- 'You Don't Look So Good' (Output) (LP- Dead Combo)
Bjork- 'Mouths Cradle' (One Little Indian) (LP- Medulla)
Karsten Pflum- 'Pollenpark' (Tendertronic Audiofication) (EP- Dogcatcher)

2004-08-10 - DJ Marlboro - Mix (VBR 202 kbps)

Pharoahe Monch- 'Simon Says' (Rawkus) (12")
Shimon & Andy C- 'Lock Down' (Ram) (LP- Shimon Presents Ram Raiders The Mix)
Spinks vs Kalbata- 'Contact Jerusalem' (Buffalo Frequency)
Heat Sensor- 'Unknown' (Sound Ink) (EP- Touch)
Bjork- 'The Pleasure Is Mine' (One Little Indian)(LP- Medulla)
Radio 4- 'Absolute Affirmation (Si Begg's Instrumental Club Mix)' (City Slang)(LP- Stealing From A Nation)
Swami- 'Desi Rock' (Envy/Roma) (LP- Desi Rock)
DJ System D- 'Here's The Power' (Intercom) (12")
Jammin- 'Uptalkin (Remix)' (Bingo) (12")
Prodigy- 'Hotride' (XL) (LP- Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned)
Prodigy- 'Wake Up Call' (XL) (LP- Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned)
Prodigy- 'Action Radar' (XL) (LP- Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned)
Milanese- 'Iacon' (Warp) (EP- 1 Up)
Smash TV- 'Queen Of Men (Kiki Remix)' (Bpitch Control) (12")
Dead Combo- 'You Don't Look So Good' (Output) (LP- Dead Combo)
Bjork- 'Mouths Cradle' (One Little Indian) (LP- Medulla)
Karsten Pflum- 'Pollenpark' (Tendertronic Audiofication) (EP- Dogcatcher)

2004-08-17 - Francois K - Mix (VBR 199 kbps)

The Residents- 'Kaw-Liga' (N.E.W.S.) (12")
Hell feat. Alan Vega- 'Listen To The Hiss (Tiefshwarz remix)' (International Deejay Gigolos) (12")
Buck Funk- 'Too Much Booty' (White) (12")
Rio Baille Funk- 'De Falla' (Essay) (12")
Mu- 'Paris Hilton' (Output) (12")
The Knife- 'Heartbeats (Rex the Dog remix) (Rabid)
Trio Exclusiv- 'San Fran (Patrick Pulsinger remix) (Universal)
Quio- 'So Dazed' (AGF) (12")
Nathan Fake- 'The Sky Was Pink' (Border Community)
Shitmat- 'Big Ben's Big Remix' (Planet Mu) (LP- Full English Breaksfest)
Beyer and Lenk feat. Tiga- 'Heartbreak' (Novamute)
Eater- 'Time Went Slowly Just For Me' (Daisy World Discs) (12")
Francois K- 'Enlightenment' (Wave Music)
Thomas Fehlmann- 'Little Big Horn' (Kompakt)
Abe Duque- 'What Happened' (Abe Duque)
Rene Amesz- 'Back Into The Funk' (White)
Green Velvet- 'La La Land' (White)
Tropf- 'Dirk Diggler' (White)
Sound American Dubs- 'Unknown' (LP- Samuel L Sessions P. 4) (White)
Jeff Mills- 'Native High' (Purpose Maker)
Latin Lover- 'Monika Cruise (Deetron remix) (White)
Aja- 'Your Light' (Pousse)
burkina Faso- 'Atsushi Yano' (Ingoma)
Toca- 'Boca (Cavana remix) (White)
Dyslexia- 'Main' (Def Jux) (12")
Jahbitat- 'Unknown' (Supaseed) (LP- Tonadas)
High Contrast- 'Lovesick' (Hospital)
Wagon Christ- 'Shadows' (Ninja)
M. Ward- 'Dead Man' (Warp) (LP- Dead Man's Shoes Soundtrack)
Mum- 'Dusk Log' (Fatcat)

2004-08-24 - Milanese - Mix , Mocky - Live Session (VBR 200 kbps)

Arovane- 'Tascel 7' () (LP- Atol Scrap)
Brooks- 'Enormous Members' Club' (Soundslike) (LP- Red Tape)
Calibre & Singing Fats- 'Drop It Down' (Signature) (12")
Subtle- 'F.K.O.' (Lex)
Drop The Lime- 'Glassy Eyes (Cuffings Mix)' (Team Shadetek) (12")
The Chemical Brothers- 'Electronic Battle Weapon No. 7' (Virgin)
Jimmy 19- 'Beddy Byes' (MFF) (LP- Bad Acid)
Mocky- 'Micky Mouse Mother Fuckers' (In Session)
Mocky- 'How Will I Know You?' (In Session)
Kiki- 'So Easy To Forget' (BPitch Control) (LP- Run With Me)
Mu- 'We Like Guys Named Luke' (Output) (12")
Kelpe- 'Growth' (DC Recordings) (LP- Sea Inside Body)
I Am Not A Gun- 'Walk Through Walla' (Morr)
Cybonix- 'Make This Party Live' (Clone)
Milanese- 'So Malleable' (Cold Mix) (Warp)
Milanese- 'Billy Hologram' (Warp)
Otto Von Schirach- 'Untitled' (White)
Milanese- 'Pedrocity' (Warp)
Otto Von Schirach- 'Boombonic Plague' (White)
Milanese- 'iacon' (Warp)
Horse The Band- 'The Immense Defecation of The Buntaluffigus' (White)
Milanese- 'So Malleable' (Warp)
Diplo feat. Martina Topley Bird- 'Into The Sun' (Big Dada) (LP- Florida)
Sex In Dallas- '5 O'Clock' (Kitty Yo) (LP- Around The War)
Bjork with Kelis- 'Oceania' (One Little Indian)
Soarse Spoken- 'Summer Blues (Manuvers Remix) (Botanica Del Jibaro)
Signer- 'Machines At Low Tide' (Carpark) (LP- The New Face Of Smiling)
HP Stonji- 'Error Beauty' (Spezial Material) (EP- Metic)

2004-08-31 - TDK Festival: Carl Craig - Mix Live at Cross Central, Derrick May - Mix Live at Cross Central

The Undertones- 'Teenage Kicks' (Sanctuary) (LP- The Undertones)
Fresh feat Adam F- 'When The Sun Goes Down' (Breakbeat Kaos)
Beans- 'Bubonic' (White)
Roni Size & Rahzel- 'Out Of Breath' (V) (12")
Diego- 'Open' (Kanzleramt) (LP- Open)
Freeform Five- 'Eeeeaaoow (Radio Slave remix)' (White)
Edan- 'Fumbling' (Lewis) (LP- Kings Vol 1)
Beyer and Lenk feat. Tiga- 'Heartbreak' (Novamute) (12")
The Constructus Corporation presents The Zuggarat- 'Jellyfish' (African Dope)
Milanese- 'iacon' (Warp) (EP- 1Up)
Dillinja- 'Feel My Pain' (Resist) (LP- Drum & Bass Arena)
The Upbeats- 'Slit' (Bad Company Presents) (12")
Bjork- 'Who Is It?' (One Little Indian) (LP Medulla)
The Real Estate Agents- 'Jihad On The Dancefloor' (White)
Casino vs Japan- 'The Deadest Bar' (Audraglint) (LP- Fabricate)
M. Ward- 'Dead Man' (Warp) (LP- Dead Man's Shoes)

2004-09-07 - Techno Special: Adam Beyer - Mix Live at FUSE, Kevin Saunderson - Mix (128 kbps)

Aphex Twin- 'Didgeridoo' (R&S)
Misstress Barbara- 'Gloria Grande (Stanny Franssen Beach Edit)' (Iturnem) (12")
Angela Flame- 'Fire Walk With Me' (Asian Dynasty) (EP- Perfect Strangers) (12")
Umek- 'Trust No-One' (Recycled Loops) (EP- Consumer Recreation) (12")
Audion- 'The Pong' (Spectral)
Rhythm Is Rhythm- 'It Is What It Is' (Transmat) (12")
Joris Voorn- 'Sweet Narcosis + Rejected' (Sino) (LP- Future History)
Rue East- ' Birmingham ' (Pure Plastic) (LP- Indoor Culture) (12")
Brian Zentz- 'Nosferatu' (Intec) (LP- Seven Breaths) (12")
James T. Cotton- 'The Dancing Box' (Spectral) (LP- The Dancing Box) (12")
Cave- 'Timbales' (Ingoma) (12")
Trolley Route- 'Tempura' (Pure Plastic) (LP- A Occhi Chiusi) (12")
Nktar- 'Ways2Go' (Outside) (EP- Truizm) (12")
Full Intention- 'It's Set To Groove' (Eye Industries)
Shinedoe- 'Dilemma' (100% Pure)
Soloaction- 'Unknown' (Soloaction) (EP- Red Planet Express)
Tim Taylor- 'The Horn Track (Andy Tutankhamun Dub)' (Euro Disc)
Unknown- 'Renato's House Is Mine' (White) (EP- It's My Booty- Release That Booty)
Dave Clarke- 'The Wiggle' (Skint)
Patrick Dubois- 'Another Track' (Extraball)
Inner City- 'Goodlife' (White)
Misstress Barbara- 'In Da Mooda Da Nite' (Iturnem)
Inner City- 'Say Something' (White)

2004-09-14 - Planet Mu... 90 Seconds Of Fame - Mix, Kiki (BPitch Control) - Mix (VBR 215 kbps)

Prince - 'I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man' (Warners)
Funkstorung & Tes - 'Chopping Heads' (K7)
J-Zone Feat. Celph Titled - 'Spoiled Rotten' (Old Maid Ent)
Actress - 'Credit Da Edit' (Werk)
***The Breezeblock Bomb***
The Zuggarat - 'Jellyfish' (African Dope)
Miss Kittin - 'Requiem For A Hit' (Mute)
Graziano Avitabile - 'Limited No 1' (Platzhirsch Schallplatten)
Murmur - 'Syncline' (Meanwhile)
***Headline DJ Set - Planet Mu... 90 Seconds Of Fame***
Jega - 'Dreams/Sakura' (Planet Mu)
Ed Lanes - 'An Ordered Set' (Planet Mu)
The Gasman - 'Untitled' (Planet Mu)
Chevron - 'Power Of Eterna' (Planet Mu)
Datach'i - 'Seconds In Silence' (Planet Mu)
Julian Fane - 'Book Repository (Planet Mu)
Remarc - 'Ice-Cream & Syrup' (Hard Mix) (Planet Mu)
Exile - 'Broken Language/The Forever Endeavour (Planet Mu)
Venetian Snares - 'Galamb Ketto' (Planet Mu)
U-ziq - 'Meinheld' (Planet Mu)
Shitmat - 'Big Ben's Big Breakdown' (Planet Mu)
Luke Vibert - 'Lover's Acid' (Planet Mu)
Leafcutter John - 'Mandolin Work' (Planet Mu)
***End of Mix***
Riton - 'Henny' (Grand Central)
Valley Girl - 'Flow' (Sick Dog)
Tiombe Lockhart - 'Don't Understand' (Shadetek)
Wevie Stonder - 'Ton Wah UK' (Sonig)
***Kiki - DJ Mix (BPitch Control)***
Ada - 'And More' (Areal)
Frankie Flowerz - 'The Key' (Crosstown Rebels)
George Thomson - 'Laid Back Snak Attak' (White)
Chloe - 'Take Care' (White)
Clement Myra - 'Myra' (Alex Kid Brings Back The Acid Rmx) (Tropism)
Thomas Anderson - 'Numb' (White)
Metope - 'Second Skin' (Sender)
***End of Mix***
Homelife - 'Banjo' (Ninja Tune)
Diefenbach - 'Make Your Mind' (We Love You/ Wall Of Sound)
Six By Seven - 'Sometimes I Feel Like' (Saturday Night Sunday Morning)
Manuvers - 'Flight' (Rice & Beans)

2004-09-21 - Stereolab - Live at Leeds Festival, Kid Acne - Live Session (VBR 211 kbps)

Aphex Twin- 'Come To Daddy' (Warp)
Prodigy- 'Hotride' (XL) (LP- 'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned')
Dillinja- 'You Can't Touch My Sound' (Breakbeat Kaos) (LP- 'Junglesound The Bassline Strikes Back')
Tiombe Lockhart- 'Don't Understand' (Shadetek) (12")
Mu- 'Out Of Breach' (Output) (LP- 'Out Of Breach')
Akira The Don- ' Liverpool (Mothboy Remix)' (Something In Construction) (LP- 'Akira The Don's First EP')
Nightbreed- 'Pack Of Wolves (Pendulum Remix)' (Ram) (12")
DJ Wildchild- 'Forbidden feat. Melissa (Drumsound and Bassline Smith remix)' (Wildstyle) (12")
Kid Acne-he-he Intro (White)
Kid Acne - 'Hooligan 78' (radio edit) (White)
Sparky D - 'Throwdown' (White)
Baby Doll - 'You Can't Break A B-Boy's Heart' (White)
Just Ice - 'Way Back' (White)
Milk D feat. Ad Rock - 'Spam' (White)
Kid Acne feat. Infinite Livez - 'Move It or Lose It' (White)
Jay Z & Bounty Killer - 'Big Tings 2004' (White)
Bounty Killer - 'K To The A' (White)
Sexual Harassment - 'If I Gave You Party' (White)
GG Allin - 'Don't Talk To Me' (White)
***MIX ENDS***
Alter Ego- 'Rocker' (Skint) (12")
Julien Delfaud, Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crecy- 'Fast Track' (PIAS) (LP- 'Super Discount) (12')
Actress- 'Credit Da Edit' (Werk) (12")
Brian Wilson- 'Surf's Up' (Nonesuch) (LP- 'Smile')
Fourtet- 'Castles Made Of Sand' (Azuli) (LP- 'Late Night Tales')
Mugison- 'Move On' (Accidental) (LP- 'Niceland')
Subtle- 'I Heart L.A. ' (Lex) (LP- 'A New White')

2004-09-28 - Homefires Sessions Part One: Adem, Smog, Joanna Newsom, Juana Molina, Micah P Hinson (VBR 205 kbps)

Willie Williams- 'Armageidon Time' (!K7) (LP- Daddy G DJ Kicks Compilation)
Yellotone- 'Gail Force Porter Lou Carpenter' (Ai) (LP- Tar File Junction)
***Breezeblock Bootleg***
Danny Breaks- 'Windscreen Wiper' (Alphabet Zoo)
Dizzee Rascal- 'Stand Up Tall' (XL)
Oh No- 'My Aggin' (PIAS/Stones Throw) (LP- The Disrupt)
DJ Rupture- 'Flop We feat. Junior Cat' (Very Friendly) (LP- Special Gunpowder)
FS Blumm- 'Bedvanilla Further' (Audio Dregs) (LP- Fork Ends)
Adem- 'These Are Your Friends' (Live From Homefires)
Adem- 'Ringing In My Ear' (Live From Homefires)
Akira The Don- 'One Bullet'
Innerstance.Beatbox- 'I've Got To Learn To Relax More, Yo!' (Wobblyhead) (LP- All Little Boys Do Silly LIttle Dances)
Brian Aneurysm- 'Obsession' (Ai) (12")
Valley Girl- 'Flow' (Sick Dog)
TV On The Radio- 'The Wrong Way'
Geoff White- 'Ince' (Spectral)
Apostle Of Hustle- 'Sleepwalking Ballad' (Arts and Crafts) (LP- Folkloric Feet)
Juana Molina- 'El Desconfiado' (Live From Homefires)
Juana Molina- 'Raia' (Live From Homefires)
Micah P Hinson- 'You Lost Sight On Me' (Live From Homefires)
Micah P Hinson- 'The Possibilities' (Live From Homefires)
Fila Brazillia- 'The Great Attractor' (23 Records) (7")
Vector Lovers- 'Yamanote Sundown' (Soma) (LP- Vector Lovers)
Epo- 'Doorstep' (-Scape) (LP- But Then Again)
Blockhead- 'Sunday Seance' (Ninja)

2004-10-05 - Mr. Scruff - Mix, Homefires Sessions Part Two: Beth Orton (VBR 209 kbps)

Primal Scream- 'Kowolski' (Sony) (LP- Dirty Hits)
Afroman- 'Keep On Limp'n' (Hungry Hustler) (LP- Afroholic...The Even Better Times)
Twisted Individual- 'Pull My Finger' (White)
Dillinja- 'Precious' (Valve) (LP- Valve Recordings Present....Spectrum)
Hi Lonesome Electric- 'Pierre & John Henry' (Earsugar)
Jimmy Edgar- 'I Wanna Be Your STD' (Warp) 12"
Wasteland- 'Shadow Line' (Transparent) (LP- October)
LCD Soundsystem- 'Movement' (DFA)
Beans- 'You're Dead, Let's Disco' (Warp) (LP- Shock City Maverick)
Sunny Ozuna and The Sunliners- 'Something's Got A Hold On Me' (Tear Drop)
Dwanda Barnes- 'If I'm Guilty' (Groovy)
harvey Scales- 'Get Down' (Magic Touch)
Maroon Town- 'Godbye To The Empire' (Staccato)
Capitol Letters- 'Smoking My Ganja' (Greensleeves)
Ernest Rangun- 'Dick Tracy' (Island)
The Dynamites- 'Drumbago' (Gas)
Mungo's Hi Fi- 'Ing' (Dubhead)
Big Youth- 'Waterhouse Rock (G-Corp Mix)' (Select Cuts)
Rodney P- 'The Nice Up' (Riddim Killa)
DJ Mentat- ' Rugged Wid It' (Dark Horizon)
Danny Breaks- 'The Jellyfish' (Alphabet Zoo)
ATCQ- 'Check The Rhime' (Jive)
Mark Rae vs. Deadbeats- 'Funky For You' (Grand Central)
Jimmy Smith- 'The Cat' (Verve)
Joris Voorn- 'Incident' (Sino)
The Soft Pink Truth- 'Media Friend' (Soundslike)
Dirty Fingers & MC G1- 'Top Boy' (White) (EP- Top Boy)
Miwon- 'Brother Mole (John Tejada)' (City Centre Offices)
Beth Orton- 'Sweetest Decline' (Live From Homefires)
Beth Orton- 'Carmella' (Live From Homefires)
Beth Orton- 'Thinking About Tomorrow' (Live From Homefires)
Diverse feat. Vast Aire- 'Big Game' (Chocolate Industries)
Pedro- 'Fear And Resilience (Danger Mouse remix)' (Melodic)
Death In Vegas- 'Black Lead' (Drone) (LP- Satan's Circus)

2004-10-12 - M.A.N.D.Y. - Mix, Spektrum - Live at Maida Vale (VBR 208 kbps)

Squarepusher - 'My Red Hot Car' (Warp)
Jimmy Edgar - 'I Wanna Be Your STD' (Warp)
Collabs 300 - 'Treflon' (Novamute)
***The Breezeblock Bootleg***
Diplo vs. MIA - 'Diplang' (White)
***The Breezeblock Bomb ***
UNKLE feat. Josh Homme - 'Safe In Mind (Chris Goss re-mix)' (Mo Wax) taken from the 'Never Never Land' LP
Lyrics Born- 'Do That There' (Quannum Projects)
Zack De La Rocha - 'We Want It All' (Epic)
Mocky Feat Taylor Savvy - 'Catch A Moment In Time (Alternative Mix)' (Fine)
***M.A.N.D.Y. In The Mix***
Wei-Chi - 'Faces & Places (Henrik Schwarz Remix)' (Kompost)
Ricardo Villa-Lobos - 'Hirklong' (Perlon)
Booka Shade - 'Memento' (Get Physical)
Sieg Uber Dei Sonne - 'Love Is OK (Tobi Neumann Remix)' (Multicolour)
Andre Kraml - 'Feel Electric' (Firm)
Egg - 'Check Point' (Mutek)
Candi Staton - 'Do Your Duty (Pepe Braddock Remix)' (Honest Jons)
Subtle- 'The Long Vein Of The Law' (Lex)
Lemon Jelly - 'Stay With You' (XL)
***Live Maida Vale Session Tracks***
Spektrum - 'Breaker'
Spektrum - 'Kinda New'
Guillermo E. Brown is... Arturo Klauf - 'Unknown' (Liberation Systems)
Elliot Smith- 'Twilight' (Domino) taken from the LP 'From A Basement On The Hill'
Coco Rosie - 'By Your Side' (Touch & Go)
Jean Grae - 'Whatever' (Orchestral/Babygrande) taken from the 'This Week' LP.

2004-10-19 - Pendulum vs. Dillinja - Mix


2004-10-26 - Bjork - Interview, Live at Maida Vale & Mix (VBR 210 kbps)

Bjork- 'Hyperballad' (One Little Indian) (LP- Post)
Si Begg- 'Revolution No. 2' (Mute)
Matmos- 'Regicide' (Matador) (LP- A Civil War)
Kukl- 'Dismembered' ( ) (LP- The Eye)
Kid 606- 'Sugarcoated' (Audraglint)
Ricardo Villalobos- 'Hireklon' (Perlon)
Bjork- 'The Pleasure Is All Mine' (Live In Session)
Bjork- 'Who Is It?' (Live In Session)
Dat- 'Soto Soto' (White)
Morton Feldman- 'Flute and Orchestra' (Recording Unknown)
The Associates- 'No' (Nude)
Igor Stravinsky- 'Svadebka: First Tableau' (taken from Les Noces) ( Mass / Leonard Bernstein, English Bach Festival Orchestra)
Spike Jones and His City Slickers- 'Hawaiin War Chant' (RCA/ Victor)
Artist Unknown- 'Gloworm' (White)
Michael Jackson- 'Butterflies' (Sony)
808 State- 'Cubik' (ZTT)
Nobukazu Takemura- Track Unknown (Thrill Jockey)
Dani Siciliano- 'Walk The Line' (!k7)
Amalia Rodriguez- 'Poro Que Lavas No Rio' (Unknown)
Larry 7- 'Frosty The Snowman' (Unknown)
Bodenstandig 200- 'Saureschuduze' (White)
Mu- 'Jealous Kids' (Output)
I'm Not A Gun- 'Walk Through Walls' (City Centre Offices) (LP- Our Lives On Wednesdays)
Solotempo- 'Egoist (Original Mix)' (Spezial Material) (12")
Arturo Klauft- 'Unknown' (Liberation Systems) (LP- Guillermo E. Brown is....Arturo Klauft...)
Seaming- 'Vertigo Billy' (White)
Sewa- 'Kitchen' (C-Side Trax) (LP- Beachbeats)

2004-11-02 - Alter Ego - Mix (VBR 186 kbps)

Modeler- 'Mint Condition' (Dubsided)
Drama Society- 'Teorema' (Turbo)
Galoppierende Zuversicht- 'Linguini Al Denta' (Bruchstucke)
Alter Ego- 'Daktari' (Klang Electronik)
Roman Flugel- 'Geht's Noch?' (Cocoon)
Kelis- 'Trick Me' (White)
!!!- 'Hello, Is This Thing On?' (Warp)
A Homeboy, A Hippie & A Funky Dredd- 'Total Confusion' (SL2)
Lotterboys- 'Rocker vs. Check Your Head' (White)
Alien Sex Fiend- 'Ignore The Machine' (RE)

2004-11-09 - Subtle - Live in London (VBR 192 kbps)


2004-11-16 - Joris Voorn - Mix (VBR 218 kbps)

Leila- 'Won't You Be My Baby' (Rephlex) (LP- Like Weather)
Pixeltan- 'That's The Way I Like It' (DFA/EMI) (LP- DFA Compilation #2)
De La Soul- 'The Grind Date' (Sanctuary) (LP- The Grind Date)
Eddy Woo- 'Real Time' (Frequency) (12")
Big Justoleum Lune TNS- 'Brave New World' (Big Dada) (LP- Woe To Thee O Land Whose King Is A Child)
Mark Broom- 'Industra (P.1)' (King Of The Snakes) (12")
Jason Leach- 'You R' ((Fix) (12")
The Longcut- 'Transition' (White)
Joris Voorn- 'Incident' (Sino) (LP- Future History)
Kiki & Silver Surfer - 'Etheric' (Crosstown Rebels)
Jeff Mills - 'Expanded' (Axis)
Pantytec - 'Elastobabe [Soul Capsule's Cosmic Warrior mix]' (Perlon)
Pascal Feos - 'Flash Back [Joris Voorn Classic '89 Rework]' (White)
Traffic Signs - 'The Big Fake' (Traffic Signs)
Dj Gregory - 'Breaks Volume 1' (Basenotic)
John Tejada - 'Chorgs' (Palette)
Ricardo Villalobos - 'Easy Lee [Soul Capsule's London Bootleg Mix]' (Playhouse)
Dark Science - 'Got My Mind [Scientific Mix]' (Sound Architecture)
Phylyps - 'Trak II' (Basic Channel)
Daniel Bell - 'Phreak Yo Body' (Logistic)
Matthew Dear - 'Plinko' (Ghostly International)
Paul Kalkbrenner - 'Press On' (Bpitch Control)
Echoplex - 'Response' (G Force)
Angela Flame & Pacou - 'Autofocus Theme' (Autofocus)
Jeff Mills - 'Kat Race' (Axis)
Vince Watson - 'Intuition [Joris Voorn Rework]' (Bio)
Astromech- 'I Feel You Rockin'' (White)
Chicks On Speed & The Noheads- 'Madalyn Allbrights Answer' (Chicks On Speed) (LP- Press The Space Bar)
Shapeshifters- 'Message 4 Yer Planet' () (LP- The Shapeshifters Was Here)
Ken Ishii- 'Presto (Bryan Zentz Remix)' (Exceptional) (LP- Future In Light)
Si Begg- 'Revolution No.2' (Mute) (12")
Ricardo Villalobos- 'Hireklon' (Perlon) (LP- The Au Harem Villalobos D'Archimede)
Aies feat. Ane Trolle- 'Globus' (Statler & Waldorf) (LP- Teeth)
The Shadowhuntaz- 'Rulez Of Engagement' (Skam)
Boards Of Canada- 'Olson (Version 3)' (Peel Session) (Warp)

2004-11-23 - Comedy Special: The Mighty Boosh! (VBR 207 kbps)

2004-11-30 - Treacherous Four Session: Mike Ladd, Busdriver, Rob Sonic and Beans - Live Sessions (VBR 218 kbps)

Avril- 'Be Yourself' (F Comm) (LP- Members Only)
Tim Exile- 'Sticky Buds' (No Future) (12")
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- 'Nature Boy' (Mute) (LP- Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus)
Litiwineko- 'Funk Limiter' (Kitty Yo) (LP- Team Kitty Yo)
Cyrusrex- 'Uncle Bob's Foreskin' (Negative) (LP- All. Of Me Hyde)
Snoop Dogg- 'I Love To Give You Light' (Geffen) (LP- R&G Rhythm & Gangster)
Unknown- 'Unknown' (Bingo) (12")
Punks Jump Up feat. The Beepettes- 'Be You (Beep Beep)' (Cassette) (12")
Roots Manuva- 'Collosal Insight (Soft Pink Truth)' (Big Dada)
Confutatis- 'Victimize' (ai) (EP- Light Reflects Sound)
Big Justoleum Lune TNS- 'Brave New World' (Big Dada) (EP- Woe To Thee O Land Whose King Is A Child)
Generation Dub- 'Altered State' (Formation) (LP- The Sexy Beast)
Dillinja- 'Thugged Out Bitch (Adam F & DJ Fresh remix)' (Valve)
Haiku D'Etat- 'Mike, Aaron & Eddie' (Project Blowed and Decon)
Living Legend- 'Blast Your Radio' (Up Above)
L Pierre- 'Rotspots From The Crap Map' (Melodic) (LP- Touchpool)
Toob - 'The Miscreant' (Lo Recordings) (12")
Pete Moss- 'Strive To Live' (Fabric) (LP- Fabric 20: John Digweed)
Soulwax- 'E Talkin' (Soulwax Nite Version feat. Nancy Wang)' (PIAS)
M83- 'Moonchild' (EMI) (LP- Before Dawn Heals Us)

2004-12-07 - Kanye West - Mix (VBR 219 kbps)

Akufen- 'New Process' (Rough Trade) (LP- Counter Culture 2002)
Alter Ego- 'Daktari (Robag Wurhme's Handkas Mit Musikk Mix)' (Klang Elektronic) (12")
John Rolodex- 'Can't See Me' (Tech Itch) (12")
Keaton & Hive- 'No Hope' (Refuge Audio) (12")
Dalek- 'Culture For Dollars' (Ipecac) (LP- Absence)
Steve Bug- 'Loverboy (Re-Loved)' (Poker Flat) (12")
The Knife- 'You Make Me Like Charity' (Rabid) (10")
Toecutter- 'Smooth Operator' (V/Vm) (LP- Zatsu Ongaku)
The Mars Volta- 'Cassandra Gemini' (White)
Bitstream- 'Orange Room' (Modern Love) (12")
Laurent Garnier- 'Barbiturik Blues' (F Comm) (LP- The Cloud Making Machine)
Bus feat. MC Soom-T- 'Don't Change It' (Scape) (12")
Calyx &Teebee- 'Cyclone' (Movin Shadow) (12")
Kryptic Minds & Leon Switch- 'The Ride' (Tech Itch) (12")
ISA- 'Trill' (Bambola) (EP- The Sound Of Isa)
Apparat- 'Komponent' (Shitkatapult) (EP- Silizum)
Ed Chamberlain & Paul Blackford- 'Zarathustra' (BaseLogic) (EP- Medicine Gun)

2004-12-14 - John Tejada - Mix (VBR 218 kbps)

Pavement – ‘Stereo’ (Domino) (LP – Brighten The Corners 1997)
Hakan Lidbo – ‘Combat Kittens (Mango Delight Remix)’ (Tender Productions)
Cursor Minor - 'Hair Of The Dog' (Lo Recordings)
Chemical Brothers - 'G

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